Friday, May 18, 2018

My Own General Election Experience

Salam Ramadhan, readers. That's basically me waving to Jazlin (Hi Jaz!)

I'm trying NOT to fall asleep after subuh which is quite a challenge seeing everyone (that's just Zukry and Amni though) is comfortable on the bed snoozing. So, I took my macbook out and thought I'd go watch a webinar but that's not really working~ Abstaining self from going further into the WWW, I thought let's just put something up on the blog instead. Hehehe...

So last week... Not just to me, but I think to the whole Malaysia nation surprise - we actually changed the ruling government for the first time after Merdeka. Hah! I wasn't really anticipating anything but I voted for the first time and my vote creates major Malaysian history! Whoa! I have my reasons why didn't vote before... mainly due to the fact I WAS located in Miri (but I think it's more than that) 

It was a family affair - the voting day. I drove all the way from Melawati to Kuala Ampang with KRU music on the radio. Yes, KRU! We were at the Konsert Gergasi the weekend before... So the demam continued. I bought their compilation album and boom, volume up - ke tepi, ke tepi...! Baby was done by the time I arrived. Mak, Bapak and Mizan were in the queue waiting for their turn. 

I was talking to the officer at site, after I was done - a curious crowd was asking if I was 'kena tiger' for wearing slipper! Hehehe. I was amused, I just replied 'No lah...' without further explanation. I was curious about the long line... I know my number bilangan dan saluran I got from online, why can't I just go to the saluran  ~ itu aje. But we got to do it manually jugak when we arrived. Sabau ajelah. It was somewhat nerve wrecking,  I was nervous to cast my vote! Everything was so formal and the area was so quite except for the voice of the officer who was calling out name and IC number out! Casted my vote. PANGKAH on two papers - one for ADUN, one for PARLIAMENT... Bismillah, masukkan dalam designated boxes. We had to share our family outing, so I wefie with the folks and we're done for the day!

Anyway, so what do we do with the free holidays. Wednesday was the day we got off to vote, Thursday and Friday will be off-days if the then, opposition team wins - and they did, and then... it's the weekend. 5 days off! Zukry immediately came up with a plan to go to lepak in LANGKAWI! We no longer hang-out in this Melawati area peeps, we go big - fly to an island. The island where the current 93-years old president won his parliament seat! Don't PLAY-PLAY :)

Unfortunately, I was called to the office on Friday for a management paper to be presented on the next Monday - so, we left immediately after I finished my discussion. Thank god I did most of my part on Tuesday so it was all minor work for me~ Phew! Off we go to the airport, fly-off to Langkawi.

Zukry told me that we were going to stay at a small hut in the middle of paid field! So, this is the second experience after the Ubud Bali one, earlier in January~ Here's the airbnb place. It was cute, it was like a mini kampung for our mini unit, it was perfect!

So the cuti begins. We were playing tourist most of the time. Visited the Makam Mahsuri (which was fun because they had like a mini Kedah there so a few rumah Kampung Kedah style were installed!), went Galeria Perdana (timely since Tun M is the PM again!), enjoyed watching penguins and a seal in the Underwater World and obviously had good food and a little of the sea breeze - Amni taksuka mandi laut --- so sekejap aje tepi laut. Huhuhu...

Ended the trip with a meet-up with our friend at the airport before we flew back. They resided in Langkawi. They just came back from the voting off days in their Kampung kat KL! Hihihi)

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Amni goes to play-school!

A quarter of year has passed.

Where did the time go.

I have been questioning my pace. Is 35 the new old? Urgh! 

Anyway, Amni went to a play school. Have I updated that already? Not in the blog! But yeah, Alhamdulillah we've been adjusting. Not yet there for Mommy, but Abah and Amni - they've had a pretty solid routine going on - strong! 

Mommy - been yoyo-ing. Much like her efforts to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Ya Allah, I need help in this area. I really do. Please help me. Amin...

So, about the play school. After about 3 months, Amni has a lot of improvement especially in communicating with me. No more just pointing at things or bringing me to stuffs she wanted me to switch on, open, lift, etc. That's a huge plus point. As in the real life problem... COMMUNICATION is key!

She just had her first Sport's Day! That's right, a Sport's Day for a 32 months old. I wanted to say 3 years old - but she's not yet 3! She's still my baby... Yes, she is (soundly napping beside me at this moment - snoring) She participated! Despite knowing Mommy was somewhere around the area. Bravo Amni!

She waited patiently for her turn, went into the tunnel, walked into the squares carefully, pick up the egg with a spoon and run towards the teacher at the end of the line and drop the egg in! And then, she sat down waiting for her team to finish. Her team won the second place. Mommy were screaming her lungs out (no surprise there!), cheering for Amni!

Atok and TokMak came just in time and we waited until Amni received her prize. A Doraemon backpack! Tok Mak brought additional gifts - bubble pistol and a horn/trumpet for both Amni and Noh - who came too but at the very end though. So he didn't get to see the action!

Our everyday worry is that Amni is being picked up last at the play school. Abah said there was one time that happened. Haih~ She should be our priority, not work or anything else. 

But we can't pour water from a glass that is empty right? I have to care for myself too. It's a constant effort, trying to be a better mother / self. What's important is that we DO.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How I wean off my 2 year old daughter

The underlying issue of my-not-ovulating-thus-not-pregnant-and-not-having-period was high prolactin. Did you know that? Are you one of those people too? Don't be afraid to seek for help. InsyaAllah, there's always a way... 

As soon as I delivered Amni, I’m determined - I’m gonna breastfeed her and Alhamdulillah I never had any doubt that I will have problem with my-milk. Thanks to the same hormone that didn’t allow my menses to come back, prolactin. 

Alhamdulillah… nikmat susu ibu yang berpanjangan for Nur Amni. 

So, we went to see the doctor in August – just before Amni turned two. We told him that we want to try for another baby as we are not getting any younger and ‘usaha’ is always in our dictionary. The doctor, looked at my history and immediately said I had to stop breastfeeding. 

That same dilemma - Dilemma of wanting to nurse Amni and also wanting to also try for another baby – both are a painful yet meaningful experience. 

Even after 24 months of nursing Amni, I still feel full at the end of the day. Sometimes so full (from not nursing effectively the night before), I was basically in pain throughout the day until Amni’s time for bed when she finally wants to nurse. This is after more than 2 years of nursing!

Mommies who struggle to fulfil the 2 years nursing target would feel envious with this achievement, I would probably appear ungrateful for wanting the nursing to stop... But every breastfeeding journey is different.

So, one day - Mommy nekad. Mommy just want to be done with it and deal with the consequences – Mommy took the table per doctor’s prescription.

I was given Dostinex in August, and one fine morning in December - I took it per prescription:
Day 1 – 2 tablets (stat)
Day 2 -  1 tablets, 2 times
Day 3 – 1 tablets, 2 times

After so much screaming before she finally dozed off with the help of pacifier, she dozed off with her Abah for 2 nights. But in between, she still woke up and searched for me to nurse! Mommy kesian… 

What do I do?

This was how dealt with the consequence - with heavy heart and hands, I had ‘asam jawa’ spread on my nipple and allowed her to nurse. She took it and had a moment for a while but she, like me was determine too – after dealing with the taste, she continued like it was no biggy at all. That continues for 2 nights!

I think by the 4th or 5th night, I changed to coffee paste smear. Just for that one time, she took it - had a taste and turned over. After that coffee paste, I had to sleep outside and let her Abah took over the tuck-her-in/sleeping job. It used to be my thing, now no more...

So, it's been 2 weeks now... She's getting there, understanding but still screams her lungs out when Abah took her at night.

One of the advise I received was to be strong. Don't give Amni hope that she will get to nurse again, by settling-in and feed her when she screams so loud that you wanted to cry with her too... So, I just don't. I kept myself busy while the scream is going on (it gets shorter now, much shorter when we first started) - so that I don't pay as much attention, my brain is occupied.

If you're in the same journey, Stay Strong Mommies. We can do this!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Little Girl Growing Up

Last night, before she went to sleep - she went,







in the dark, looking up, playing with her fingers. 

She knows a lot of stuffs, she's just not showing them to people. 

She likes to keep it to herself and will only show it when she's very comfortable with the new learnings she find from everyday things and of course, her tv / youtube time.

She knows her eight, nine and ten. She won't say anything with 2 syllable words  yet like seven, yellow except for turtle.

I'm glad to have experienced that alone time with her. Not even 2 minutes - she counted but somehow, there's a tiny knock on my heart - a reminder perhaps. Alhamdulillah for everything I have right now...

Sunday, October 1, 2017


That's right!

That happened. We all went to Dubai and London, basically staying together in London for MOST of the time.

I have been wanting to share my travels with my family since forever. Particularly London because I feel like everyone can benefit from it.

Baby and Mak should enjoy the shopping we get to do there.

Mizan in particular with Arsenal. The stadium is in London and there's a game going on during our stay there.

Mizan and Baby never been to London - So it's their first time.

Bapak - for being able to see London in a tourist point of view. No business to care for while travelling.

Abang, well - he's been in London with Mak a few years back but he must ikut - He's an ArZu clan too.

Zukry of course, kaki travel and peminat hard core EPL. Anything with football in it, he's game. Although it's been a while sinceI last saw him as excited as when we were at Emirates Stadium (walaupun it's not his team, his enthusiasm towards any EPL / Football team - memang tak boleh blah!

And there's newer Arzu clan - Zaki, Noh Zahin and my sweet daughter Nur Amni.

But the above, the benefit for everyone to enjoy was basically the ideal case. I was imagining a lot of things while planning for the trip.

The undisturbed shopping time
The picnic in the park
The time spent watching the kids roaming free in the park
The undisturbed and educational tour in Harry Potter Studio
The leisure of checking out all the luxury handbag / purse at Harrods and actually spend on one without limitation of time...

The above conclusively, pretty much DID NOT HAPPEN.

I have a lot of things in my mind. Making sure everybody is happy - IS A LOT OF WORK. But to me, it's a good stress. The KPI was to make sure everyone is in London and everyone made it.

So yeah, Alhamdulillah for this rezeki. Ya Allah, I pray for more rezeki of my family's happiness that includes vacationing to a strange world that we can all afford. Hehehehe.... Amin.a

Friday, August 4, 2017


Finally giving in to my nafs, I finally owned a MacBook. Air.

Yes, I have to jot down somewhere about this achievement. Nothing compared to some other non-material achievement of others, but this is my blog - I say and document whatever I feel important.

Hey, I used to highlight that I got myself an iPod mini a few years back. I have been out of blogging days when I decided to become an iPhone user - started with an iPhone 5 that I have washed down in the washing machine along with my birthday present iPad mini (first generation). iPad survived until Zukry decided to watch influx in the toilet and soaked it in the pail. Hehehehe. #memoriberpantang I'm now with an iPhone 6 bought in Houston, Texas! Yeap, that's right - in 2014.

So, I am not sure how efficient the using-Macbook in the future would be but I'm gonna be excited about it at least for these few days/weeks hopefully. I'm actually considering about bringing this baby with my other babies (Zukry and Nur Amni, obviously) to our family vacation next month! OMG, that means juggling a lot of things! Probably I shouldn't but how could I leave this baby behind! Hehehehe.... #Ownerperak! 

Monday, July 31, 2017

30ish and Chicken Pox

I guess the time that I am having to blog these few days, was due to the extra time I have at home - quarantined for chicken pox. Yeap, chicken pox at this age! This was my first time and Alhamdulillah... after about a week, it has subsided although the blisters aren't really dry so the doctor extended my MC! 

The thing that I was scared for was the achy body that people have warned me. I had that just before i noticed the first few blisters on my chest... But I had the twice per week workout session with Kapt Black (I plan to blog about this soon), so my thinking was that the achy feeling was the result of the workout! 

The demam came almost immediately after seeing the doctor. Continues until day 3, and with more and more blisters coming out. The most annoying at the 2 most prominent on my face and a few others on my head (just because i couldn't see them and it hurt when i had to comb my hair!) I think I had like 6 air kelapa! Hehehe... and the antiviral pills I had - Doctor cakap 'kurangkan blisters'. So like many comments I heard, takdelah teruk sangat. But I cannot bayang kalau teruk tu camner dah.

With Amni around, still nursing - exposed to the virus, I cannot NOT worry about her not catching it. But I'm just gonna go with the flow. She's been a strong girl so far. Also, she's been playing with my blisters while nursing! I gotta nurse her in the dark, so that she couldn't see them. Hehehe. 

So, I'm just gonna embraced the MC I've received. Afterall, it is a once in a lifetime experience. I hope!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The blog is 10 years!

OMG, I just realized that the previous post was my first post for 2017. My last post was in October 2016! Hehehe... That means, Alhamdulillah I have been busy with life that I haven't got the time to really sit down and pour my brain out. 

And also, social media obviously. Instagram and Twitter are way faster to share my thoughts, pictures, what I like or I don't, how I am/was feeling, all the important and not-so-important stuffs. That's where i got the latest gossips, keep up with the latest trend / viral things and the likes. Hehehehe...

It has been 10 years - this blog.

I started it because I feel like I needed a space to just blab about my life - then, single, alone, abroad (over the sea) and trying to make it "on my own". Thus the title, in case you have no idea why I chose that.

Now that I'm more settled, a mother, a wife, a career woman (gittewwww!) - I guess, I need to FIND time to blog. I have always had the apps in my iPhone but typing it on an actual keyboard is more satisfying...

To MacBook, or Not

We were buying our eldest niece a laptop for her university work today. While we were at the shop - I was having this urge of wanting to own my personal one too. 

I have been bugging Zukry about actually owning a MacBook, but I have been procrastinating about the idea. I was thinking, it really IS expensive, I don't need it that much but I wasn't really satisfied with how I've been spending my money these few months anyway. Might as well commit to a MacBook - and shut up! 

I've spend on a lot of baju! Baju raya, yang tailored - yang beli, yang matching, tak matching, pelbagai gaya and size juga. I have been spending on these clothing things because of the change of size, and because I feel like I can obviously. 

I settled for an Apple Watch after completing my Jom Kurus somewhere in Mar, with flying colors. Oh well, not really - I met my target, nothing above and beyond that. I did not spend any of my money on that, Zukry thought it's should be a greater motivation - so it was a gift. So, really - I should've had a MacBook by now already! 

But I'm still here - not using one. Jom pergi beli! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Driving to Work

Driving to work has somewhat become a luxurious thing for me these days. An alone time, me time! 

Driving to work always (but not necessarily) means that Zukry is outstation. 

So, the honorable chore of sending Amni to Kak Su is bravely undertaken alone by me today. 

Driving to work means I get to listen to my music with double the volume we are used to. Usually, it's the local radio at sensible decibel loud.

Today, it's Yuna's Chapters and Begin Again OST - Keira Knightley's only