Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog ni berjaya buat I gelak!

Blog Usang Lagi Bersawang - Tak Hensem, Tak Kaya Tapi Sedikit Sopan

Let me just letak a little snippets. I hope you don't mind, Hatim (Nanti I bagitau dia...) Well, this weekend is of those without the husband around. He jet off to Bagan Serai, trade off his E71 (that I bought for his belated brithday in 2009) and entah buat ape sekarang :P So, I was hanging around, in front of the PC most of the time and tonight I decided to check out this blog tapi entry yang dolu2 sket.

And seriously, Lawak dari dulu kot. Bukan lawak deng-dong yang I selalu buat :) tapi berisi. I tau camne budak medic kat luar negara tu belajo, the places he visited - oh so great and sgt jeles. hehehe... Go visit!

Tangkap Muat
"KASUT SUKAN PAKAI DENGAN BAJU KURUNG.ok Odah sekarang kau decide,nak beraya ke nak jogging?baju kurung memang akan buat seseorang tampil feminin tapi bila match kan dengan kasut sukan ughhh.macam goreng keledek sambil nyanyi karoke.ada kaitan tak?takde kan?thats the point"

This is like when my parents asked why I buat Neslo for breakfast. Like you can't decide whether to drink Milo or Nescafe so you try to have it all :) But i like Mocha, and neslo tasted OK what...

Hidup Ini Penuh Ujian - Bukan Metafora
"ambek kau siap peromot.cerita ni boleh kata bestlah jugak dgn efek2 yg agak daripada buang duit tengok cerita macam kuliah cinta,anak mami kembali dan 13 cerita anak mami yang lain baiklah tengok cerita ni.gerenti insaf keluar panggung terus sembahyang asar."

Taktahan dengan ayat last tu... :) Hehehe

OKlah, go visit yeah. I bet you won't be disappointed. Unless of course, you takpaham bahasa Malaysia :P

Saturday, January 29, 2011

When Brunei seems cooler with people like us

Please excuse for the last post has been 6 days old, and there was no new post. This post pun rasanya macam pendek (",) Zukry balik kampung, while I beronggeng with my friends to Brunei makan sushi. Yeay! I think I can still feel the salmon. I had too much salmon! huhuhu... Nantilah I sambung. Onto an unfinish project!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Look Who's Shopping too!

Since the successful online shopping at Kitbag, Zukry got hooked and started browsing for new on sale items that cause him this 3rd times buying from the website!

The first one, was when he bought the new Manchester United Jersey with his virtual name on, and a T shirt. You can check that one out, here. The second one, out of ngada2, I got my a Chelsea cool black and orange jersey with my name on via the same website too. Delivery was efficiently as per advised, the price is somewhat cheaper... (yelah, with your name on, ikut standard EPL lagi... berbaloi!)

So, this time; was the time he bought without my knowledge - even though the shopping and payment happened at my house - boleh tak? I felt guilty when I purchased my ASOS stuffs - siap hantar cam invoice kat dia explaining... Takut punye pasal... huhu) These are among the three items he bought.

For GBP12, this Russian World Cup T-shirt was his. The details were amazing, belakang siap ada tulis Russia in Russian (kot) We know that it's outdated, but this is an Adidas T-shirt... Quality no difference from the current ones anyway... so it's a bargain still.

Amcam, mengancam tak? ;)

And these are the Ivory Coast T-shirt by Puma for GBP 8 only! With details like the logo embroided onto the sleeves lagi - see the second pic, I'd say a definite bargain too! He got his stuffs at the same time I got mine. So this weekend, we are wearing UK stuffs in Miri. Hehehehe...

Looking good, mister!

Cool, kan?

Baguslah, this couple digs online shopping... Maklumlah, nak shopping kat bumi Miri & Labuan ni is a challenge :) Tu aje, off lepaking with Visu & Sree.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shopping at ASOS

Hi there, it's been a while yeah? My last post was blergh... I had a lot of stories to tell about my birthday celebration, but without photos - well, I'm not good at writing, so without them - cam takcukup cerita :)

Anyway, this subject however i can copy the pictures from a website. The shopping site that I have been eye-ing since I saw an advert from a shop blog that they are making purchase from the web and asking for their readers to join. Which make sense since you don't have to pay for the considerably expensive delivery fee. But I was contemplating a little too much, and until the year turn 2011; baru ada courage to buy. Kononnya birthday present :) (Berapa banyak birthday present?!)

So, I purchased three items from ASOS on 3rd Jan 2011. That Monday when I had my haircut. They are as below: (haha, macam meeting plak ayat) These photos were all taken from the website. Click kat ASOS tu. Carik, insyaAllah jumpa :)

This military cardigan is my favourite piece. Cantik kan? Izza also liked it. Dia kasik tabik sekali. Haha! I have always love a nice & coloured cardigan (which you can see from the recent wardrobe clearance tu kan...) Fit perfectly. A little too many buttons but I LOVE THEM to bits. Taksabar nak peragakan ni!

This second number is a little weird looking when i tried them on tadi. The name of the shirt is Tab Shoulder Layered Shirt. So, it has this piece hanging giving another layer of fabric for --- fashion?! hahah. I don't know... It's meant to be worn loosely, pair with a jeans or trouser biasa lah kan. Em, size OK sangat. but the length of the sleeve is a little panjang sket. Kena adjust cuff so that it won't be hanging aje.

Last but certainly not least, this twist top that is a bit sexy. It's from jersey fabric, so it's meant to be hold onto your body. But the twisted part somehow managed to hide the excessive bit that you don't want to see, so that's good ;) The colour somehow is my problem... Ada sedikit sheer, especially at the sleeve...

So all in all, I think shopping at ASOS is safe. I was told that the parcel will reach me by or on 17th January, but due to the weather (according to their customer care) it was delayed. It reached my house on 19th, and I picked it up today at Pusat Mel Miri.

They were wrapped individually in plastic bag, then put into an ASOS black plastic bag. It arrived it Sepang on my birhtday, 14 Jan and stamped "dilepaskan" by the customs for posting to Miri. Yeay! To my readers, if you plan to do shopping online.. try lah. They are having delivery free WORLDWIDE now! (Sekarang jugak i pergi browse!)


Monday, January 17, 2011

Awesome Birthday Weekend

The title says it all.
I'm sick at home in Miri.
Panadol, cough syrup, flu pill, nasal spray are now my company.

I miss home in KL, I miss the crowd.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Muzik-muzik AJL25

Ana Rafali is not in my top 3 Malaysian Favourite artist. But the reaction of her winning AJL25 is really annoying. I mean, come on Malaysian - we are better than this. I just read a review in Utusan, click here.

I was actually only looking forward to Yuna's performance that night... but when everyone was really all out on their performance, i was hooked. All out, can actually means over-the-top! Like Ana, she was trying too hard... (in my opinion) But on the lyric / music composition - i thought she could be a competition.

Heck, I was actually hoping for Stacy to win. Nak tengok, whether pop-dance song like that can win the juries or not. Haha! Well, all I'm saying is - ape salahnya Ana Rafali menang. The juries are all top notch people in the music industry. Siapa kita, nak angkat kaki / boo the winner? Please la... Malu tau!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Review of My 2010

So today is the 11th day of the year of 2011. What have I achieved, as it is now only 345 days left? I was waiting for a big change; but somehow change has to come from within for me to feel the significance. As of 11th of 2011, I'm still the girl that I was in 2010 - whom I have a hate/love relationship with... Let's conclude the best of 2010! And I want to think that I have somehow throw away the bad ones minutes past 0001 HRS on 01.01.11 :)

The biggest achievement is of course, the UK/France trip! We covered London, Manchester and Paris with a wee bit of Bahrain. This was where I found out that my husband, like me - is also a shopaholic. I lost him in Marks and Spencer - he got a few items while I was trying to buy my brother's shirts. I don’t even have to describe Manchester because Manchester was awesome. We actually explored the city together - alone. With no maps, no travel books, just the love my husband has to the red devils! :) Love does lead the way, I guess. Huhu... MU Megastore brought a lot out of my husband – shopping manic. He wanted everything!
Together in front of the Old Trafford Stadium

Soaking wet with Mickey at Disneyland Paris

Besides that, I too had my dream of entering the world of Disney turned into a reality. It was a wonderful experience, and again this was also done alone - together. Except of course, a friend had to buy our train tickets but other than that, we did everything ourselves including purchasing the ticket in French online! And the ultimate shopping had to be the tote I've been eyeing at the biggest Louis Vuitton boutique in the world :) Bliss... The bag is under used because of the existence of others including the French made Longchamp

I guess to conclude, Manchester was my husband’s place while Paris was mine. And London – was a magic of itself; it became our favourite to-go-again trip, maybe soon. Bahrain was just a detour where we get to enjoy a tiny bit of the Middle Eastern life. All in all, I love the whole aspects of this holiday. I love the planning, the execution and the post-effect that still gives me that dying-to-go-again sensation. (This somehow leads to a few rounds of online shopping from UK sites!) – I bought something from ASOS which I don’t think would arrive prior to my birthday.

Up to the other highlights of the year 2010, let me just put them in bullet points, yeah?
  • If we could have saved all the money we put on Malaysia Airlines and Airasia – we could afford to travel to Spain & Italy 2011! (agaknye lah...) But it was all worth spending. I get to see my husband every weekend in Miri or Labuan..., attend important family gatherings, attend friends’ (Zalina's and Tahirah's) weddings, meeting other friends, etc.
Sajidah,Warniey, Tahirah, Azreen (yang sarat mengandung) and me with the happy couple
  • Both my parents are retirees now. I don’t know if that makes any difference to me & my life, but somehow I’m glad they are off work while their kids are trying to live the working lives now.
  • I actually enrolled to sewing class from February up to August before Ramadhan starts... I have tailored baju kurung, baju kurung pesak gantung, kebarung, long blouse, skirt, and kain for baju kurung. Izza actually invested in a new sewing machine out of this! I learned that they are so many websites that provide free patterns. I can’t wait to try them all!
  • I have finally applied officially to be transferred to Labuan. An opportunity arose and I just can’t sleep not to do anything about it! At the moment, the recruitment process are still in progress – it’s the takeover project
  • Mawarni and Sajidah paid me a visit in October. It was super fun! Brunei, Gua Niah and Miri with my besties. Worth taking 2 days annual leave definitely!!!
3 besties since way back - 1996 in Brunei and a Donkey Pump

Zukry joins us! The more, the merrier. Loving Muzium Petroleum, Canada Hill
  • Not only them, my family (exclusive of Abg - again) and Paklong, Maklong and Sree came too. They were here in Nov. And I was again delighted to play a host! Thanks to Visu and Uthes who lent me their cars... It was my third visit to Gua Niah when they came - but it was memorable. Can you imagine, in my 4 years in Miri, I have been to the Niah cave for 6 times already?! I could have been certified as a Forest Ranger for this :)
The kereta sewa that helped us to Niah and Brunei ! Missing in picture is Paklong, the official photographer...

An unplanned picture. This was taken in Brunei at the 1 billionth barrel of oil monument. Missing in picture was Mak who was really under the weather at the time...
  • On a total different and negative highlight of 2010 is that I too have gained more pounds than ever! That's quite obvious in those pictures. Haish... 2011, will be the year to shed them off; for more room for the baby coming on soon... Soon, insyaAllah
  • And finally; to end the beautiful year, I bought my own car. The booking / down payment is all mine and paid for prior to the year 2011. However, it is still on its way to Labuan, a place where I would want to stay with my husband soon...
I may have missed a few important events / highlights of the year, but never mind. Ape2 hal boleh update. Bukannya kluar kan news pun dak? Sekadar mengingatkan diri sendiri ape yang dah berlaku and how i should be grateful for the life I’m in now. Banyak2 masalah saya, masalah orang kat luar tu – taktaulah betapa hebatnya lagi agaknya... kan?

I may want to put up what to look forward to this 2011. In the mean time, let’s just have a beautiful weekend in KL, celebrating my birthday soon. Can’t wait for it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

"I admit it's tempting to wish for the perfect boss or the perfect outfit, but maybe the best that any of us can do is not quit. Play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got"

Carrie Bradshaw, SATC :)


Sunday, January 9, 2011

AJL25 vs. FA Cup

"Tidak kau penat, hidup penuh dengan tipu muslihat?"

Hey ho. We are watching AJL25. Zukry said if Faizal Tahir won tonight; we are going to have another in lieu tomorrow! Huh, he wish. How's the weekend?

Not OK?

Ours, involved Pustaka Miri. Can you imagine?! That was due to Zukry's attempt to study for his ACD. But, I'm just glad that he's doing something about it and can't wait for it to just be done with.


I want to go back to SEMENANJUNG MALAYSIA - a place where my family is... Some may need money, a Mercedes Benz, a mansion... etc. I just need Zukry & my family :) Chewah! (I may need those later on kot! kwang3) and to top it all of, I'm hitting another age in a few days! I love birthday. I especially love birthday parties especially when it involved mine.

We have a last minute plan to go back to Bagan Serai on Friday later on, but that makes it more awesome right? A short weekend but we could cover both families! Don't ask me if it's tiring, when it's all worth the journey - right?

Anyway, I have been trying to think about the perfect gift for myself from Zukry but he did blurted out an ipad, even up to a sewing machine! :) But the thing is, as we up to our ass when it comes to our financial status at the moment - agak2 dapat tak? Huhu... But this year, the gift that I have given myself would be ... the most expensive yet! :) Can't wait for it.

So, as the year 2010 has ended just recently; and every time that happens I usually have no time to reflect what had happened because I will be so excited about the birthday and all. Hehehe... Many that I'm thankful for, and many that I'm still longing / wish for too.

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Monday of the Year!

And I am still on holiday! I like how the company decided to grant us another in lieu to celebrate Malaysia's Football team victory - the AFF Suzuki Cup! Although, Zukry still got to get back to Labuan as the ticket in not changeable, he got to buy a new one instead if he would stay a day longer... Never mind that! We both have a lot of things to do today!

No, it does not include another post in my blog :P

One of them, is getting a hair cut. I was thinking very short hair, for this thinning locks. Like Emma Watson new do! :) When my in-laws where in Labuan, I mentioned about the hair being the only sampah-sarap you'd find daily even after just seconds of sweeping! It's so true. We've tried so many things, including Ba Wang shampoo. Bau herba = uwek! So, I asked Zukry if this look I'm choosing is alright with him... He said 'alright', but I warned him that I won't change to Hermione altogether and he teased 'takmo-lah!'... Kureng asem.

But then again, an 'Alright' is received; we'll see what the hairstylist had to say to the idea.

On another thing to do today is actually sending of my sweet pumpkin, Iman Iffah to pre-school! She was registered to PASTI at Pujut 9, and was truly excited about it. She told us how she would wear baju green, tudung puteh, the Disney princesses bag, her school books (yang berlambak) and her new seluar for I guess, Pendidikan Jasmani? (ada ke?!)

But on my way back from the airport, the road was super busy - it was jam packed all the way from Saberkas to Pujut 7 area. I thought I was late but KakLaila told me that the parents had to leave. Duh..! I guess, this is just pre-school... takperlu over2 sangat kot. But it was a big deal to me... When i arrived in Miri, Iman was just 6 months. At the time, I was a little scared to carry her. Now, she's going to school! That means, TIBA MASA UNTUK KELUAR DARI MIRI!!! :P haha, takde kena mengena... But yeah, how time flies!

Anyway, I better get going. Need to find a saloon.

picture - GOOGLE-d

Got my Emma Watson haircut. The hairstylist suggested a longer version for a 'lebih besar' head (good choice of words, or it could've ruin the mood! :P) So, I'm lighter by a few grams I think. About 10-15 inches of hair were remove all over! Zukry, jgn terkezut plak. It feels and looks GOOD. Long locks? That's so last year! hahaha!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011

2011, ALL!

I think it's not too late. Those who have not listed down your resolutions, better do now. It's the second day already! And as I'm a Capricorn; turning a year will be in less that 2 weeks time :) Always looking forward to birthday celebrations! ALWAYS.