Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wedding Weekend in KL

Hi all.
This was written on Sunday on my 'sophisticated' phone :)

I'm alone again at KLIA after a weekend with friends, family and husband. I am now waiting for the next flight to Miri to continue yet another week without husband. I think this is our more than 52 weeks NOT together. Haha! Seriously, I hate to have had weekdays of only phone calls, emails, chat, SMS, unsure of the meaning of each messages...

Anyway, this weekend was all about Tahirah's wedding actually. I bought ticket specially to attent it. Tahirah, if you're reading this - you're truly the star of the night! I still can't consume it was actually a garden wedding! Haha.

That's all of us. Great times!

If all have to know (which I don't think is necessary pun), I actually shopped for last night. Thought of buying a kurung/kebaya but ended up a little too casual with an expensive (yes, indeed) blouse and skirt that comes with a great twirl effect! :) Seb baik it was a garden wedding, at night - so I think I was not over or under dress...! But still, I could have put a little more effort and money to look and feel more glamourous.

Best part about last night besides seeing gorgeous Tahirah walking down the red carpet with Hadi was actually bonding and seeing my beloved SAB friends whom I treasured so much! Amy, a doctor and 8 months pregnant, Anis; a lecturer and 5 months pregnant, Za with her fiance whom I first met, Sajidah & Mawarni - my two favourite single ladies...! Great times, I thought we were still that goofy Puteri Islam girls we were back then in SAB... Hihi!

A lil bit of Sajidah (Zukry rabun malam babe, sorry) & with us and the pengantin

Had a little misunderstandings with dearest husband. I'm sorry about this Zukry..., but we were putting expectations and own ideas that we didn't share enough. Zukry was really supportive about me having a great time with my girlfriends when I thought all he could think about was the meet-up with his friends to watch Argentina beaten up by Germany like he planned. So, we went back at around 10.30 PM; instead of waiting a little longer like Tahirah has expected us to do - Shian dia...

Pasangan sedondon lagi bahagia - menanti perut diisi that little person rather than fat. Haha!

Anyway, the weekend felt shorter somehow. What with the maid runaway, the other wedding (KAM's) at Kajang and the sleep on the floor in the living room... Hihi. I miss Zukry already...

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