Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vacay Part I

Updated missing captions before :) Sorry menda ni delay. internet connection ngok-ngek, now with Streamyx insyaAllah.. sume mesti complete entry.


Change Euro to Bahrain Dinar (Was it EU10 or EU20, takingat...)

Sunset at Bahrain. This is taken from the area where we stayed. We were taking the next flight out to London at 0100 HRS Bahrain time. So, we get to enjoy a little bit of the city while waiting for free dinner at the hotel :)

One of our first trip on the long and high escalators Underground. Mizan may not like this... Hehe

There, us almost immediately when we saw the London eye. The weather greeted us so well. It was warm and windy (I like). After we arrived, we waited a little bit at the airport for our host, Rozie. Nicest kid in town! Hehe... We went back to drop our heavy and big bags, get ready and headed out back to explore London. Tak-menyempat!

Zukry was always with the bigger camera, my dad's. Snapping pictures all over the city. Didn't care much of who, what, when to capture... just snap, snap, snap! We worried a little too much on not getting enough memories to look at the first few hours of this little trip...

In front of Westminster Abbey, thank God for Firdaus. He took care of us after Rozi left for her lab.

This was in front of the Buckingham Palace. Takdapat nak appreciate sangat, even though I already what it looks like - it didn't seem to have marvel me. Maybe the inside can... :)

Trafalgar Square where the England and Mexico supporters gather to show their support to their respective teams for the friendly game that night. Tapi England supporters, ada lah 5 kerat kat belakang tu. Huhu...

and to end the day, i just had to call my cousin all the way from Brunel Uni; to simply meet up and have dinner. Kena amek gambar sebagai prove to his mother. Amanah ni. Haha! He's in KL at my house now, (while rumah dia ada major renovation) enjoying his summer hols.

Tu dulu. sambung lagi nanti... :)

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