Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wardrobe Clearance – Calling all UK14/UK16

Dear readers,

This entry is especially dedicated to all who are in size UK14/UK16, anyone in between or who is reaching there (Positively, I hope! *wink) J More UK16 coming up soon – there is another batch coming in later insyaAllah this Friday

As I’ve grown to another size :P I don’t need to be keeping these lovely collections of knit wears, shirts from Dorothy Perkins and brands alike. So, in the spirit of welcoming 2011 with a clear mind and wardrobe, check out these beautiful pre-loved that may suits more in your closet than mine... :) Items priced inclusive of delivery.

Please excuse the wrinkles, this requires steam iron; which obviously I don’t have :)

Please leave your name, address, phone number and your pick to

Item 001 H&M Kimono Blouse / Olive Green / Size UK12 / RM25

Fits up to UK14/16 perfectly, this was a pre-loved purchased but is well taken care of. Wear less than 5 times after acquired.

Item 002 Dorothy Perkins Plaid Shirt / Red & Black / Size UK14 / RM45

As per seen in my older post, here.

Item 003 Dorothy Perkins Long Shirt / Grey / Size UK14 / RM55 - SOLD!
This comes with a belt to accentuate the waist, definitely a steal!

Item 004 Dorothy Perkins Knit Top / Pale Pink / Size UK14 / RM35 - SOLD!

Item 005 Dorothy Perkins Knit Top / Olive Green / Size UK14 / RM35

Item 006 Dorothy Perkins Knit Top / Blue / Size UK14 / RM35

More coming up soon! Email me if interested!

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