Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dorothy who?

Hello readers...
It's been quite a while eh? Sorry to those who has been hoping to see some new stories/pictures here and nothing but the pictures of me at Labuan tu aje. Thanks so much for your comments. Of course, my favorite is from MakTeh... I've added bits here and there from raya. Adus, bila tension; I nak makan aje!!!

Oh pada yang tak perasan, don't worry. Takdelah banyak turun pun. But i can wear a size smaller now. Well, from Aug lagi tapi sebab tak menurun since then. Naik lagi ada. Hehehe... But while I was in KL last week, i managed to grab 2 tops and a trouser from Dorothy Perkins at a smaller size. Wooopeee! Meeting in KL and shopping alone can be very dangerous. Hundreds of $$$ boleh keluar begitu sahaja!!!

Here's a pic of what I bought. Taken from Dorothy Perkins website of course. BTW, people of around my size, you can great stuffs from Dorothy Perkins tau. The price are OK. Takdelah mahal giler, tapi don't lah expect harga cam RM39.90 for a top/pants. Memanglah takdapat... Sometimes, i always have the tendency to tailor-made my shirt but usually takpakai pun because tak best and the cost of the material and tailoring dah sama dengan 1 shirt at Marks & Spencer, might as well beli situ terus. Fit well, quality fabric. Susah2 aje....

Tengok who else in check shirt... All from; my favorite gossip website. Ha, I pun taknak kalah :) Hihihi...

1. That Jenny girl from Gossip Girl
2. That Joey girl from Dawson's Creek
3. That Lauren girl from The Hills
4. That Teeny from Ampang, from her show "On My Own"

Tak dilupa kepada my new pants yang ridiculously susah nak takeoff. Please don't wear this when sakitperut melanda. It has three hooks, 1 button and a 2 inch zip complete with a skinny belt. Ha, tak ke payah if terkucil ke hape???!!! But why beli? Because it fits nicely. It falls in all the right places. Excuse the big butt, but really; people like me and Mak, memang perlu pants like this... barulah nampak extra Curvacious. Beyonce like Wahaha! :P Again, at RM133, beli jelah... Buat lagi mahal! Percayalah...

Apakah, my updates hanya on my buy from Dorothy Perkins. Oklah, kena wat menda lain pulak. I'll update more soon.


Zulaikha said...

Why that Jenny from Gossip Girl look so punk rock la...tak best.
Biar je lah.

Harteeny said...

That reflects her rebellious-ness. Kan dia dah konon2nya nak sangat jadi fashion designer sampai taknak dengar cakap orang... :)

Takpe, like you said "biar jelah". Yang penting, I rocked like a star! Hahaha! :)