Monday, December 27, 2010

Wardrobe Clearance UK14/16 Batch 2

Dear Readers,

After the long and internet free weekend; I've successfully gathered a spread of more pre-loved items for your viewing (and buying too, i hope! hehehe...) As per the last post on the same topic, please feel free to drop me emails at for further queries on the items (if any)

To add, in true spirit of letting them go and considering these are priced inclusive of postage fees, I'd say they are truly a steal!

So here goes, please ignore the not so great background/wall :P


Item 007 Forever 21 Knitted Top / Purple / Size L / RM18
- fits up to UK14 (it was a little tight at the arm area)
- item used less than 10 times
- excellent condition except for a teeny-weenie hole at the collar which is barely noticeable

Item 008 Ms Read Shirt / Black / Size UK14 / RM30
- fits up to UK16 (I was in that size when I bought it)
- Fairly used - it is a must in a working girls' closet!

Item 009 Ms Read Shirt / Blue / Size UK16 / RM30
- quality fabric, it's soft but heavy so it tends to fall nicely
- 100% in an excellent condition

Item 010 South China Sea / Brown / Size XL / RM30
- fits up to UK14/UK16
- quality fabric, of a soft linen material
- 100% in an excellent condition

I'll come back with trousers from Marks & Spencer as well as Dorothy Perkins for all you UK16 / Medium sized girls! :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

This is going to be short. Just enough to tell you readers, that I am here and that the update I promised on Friday had to be delayed due to internet connection in Labuan.

I will upload all once I got a stable connection, most probably when I'm back in Miri. In the mean time, I would capture the best pictures for the treasures I've decided to let go.

It has been a lazy weekend. SERIOUSLY. Productive, playing PS3 wise. Heavy rain was completed, but we only understand the conclusion after getting them online. This definitely requires a do-over! Ethan, we'll help you finding Shaun alive next time! But we have evolved to a better dance partner, dancing to the tunes like "Hanging Tough by NKOTB", "Don't Cha by Pussycat Dolls", "Can't Touch This by MC Hammer" etc. Memang bestlah! It was just us being goofy and funny as hell when we watched the playback.

OKlah, Zukry suruh check ticket MASwings and discuss cuti2 2011. Boring...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wardrobe Clearance – Calling all UK14/UK16

Dear readers,

This entry is especially dedicated to all who are in size UK14/UK16, anyone in between or who is reaching there (Positively, I hope! *wink) J More UK16 coming up soon – there is another batch coming in later insyaAllah this Friday

As I’ve grown to another size :P I don’t need to be keeping these lovely collections of knit wears, shirts from Dorothy Perkins and brands alike. So, in the spirit of welcoming 2011 with a clear mind and wardrobe, check out these beautiful pre-loved that may suits more in your closet than mine... :) Items priced inclusive of delivery.

Please excuse the wrinkles, this requires steam iron; which obviously I don’t have :)

Please leave your name, address, phone number and your pick to

Item 001 H&M Kimono Blouse / Olive Green / Size UK12 / RM25

Fits up to UK14/16 perfectly, this was a pre-loved purchased but is well taken care of. Wear less than 5 times after acquired.

Item 002 Dorothy Perkins Plaid Shirt / Red & Black / Size UK14 / RM45

As per seen in my older post, here.

Item 003 Dorothy Perkins Long Shirt / Grey / Size UK14 / RM55 - SOLD!
This comes with a belt to accentuate the waist, definitely a steal!

Item 004 Dorothy Perkins Knit Top / Pale Pink / Size UK14 / RM35 - SOLD!

Item 005 Dorothy Perkins Knit Top / Olive Green / Size UK14 / RM35

Item 006 Dorothy Perkins Knit Top / Blue / Size UK14 / RM35

More coming up soon! Email me if interested!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Personal Review on Maysaa Scarves

Here a little review on the recent purchase of Chiffon Scarf Snood and Satin Wrap Band Snood at Maysaa.

First up is the purchase process. When I received notification that the delivery cost is reduced, I don't waste much time but to just get to the page and bought these two almost immediately. You see, it was at GBP15 but reduced to GBP 2.95! Some bloggers I bumped into bought in bulk to avoid the delivery fees all together, but I waited for this discount apparently. So that's one plus!

Then, I received a notification saying that it's already on its way after about 2 days only! I was in KL at that time, so there's nothing much I can do - but it was fast. Posted via City Link to my humble Senadin's house. When I receive the note, I knew I just had to pick them up immediately...

The package was as below. Neatly wrap in a thin white paper with Maysaa's sticker to secure the package - this is inside a box decorated with wrap-around black ribbon! I was over the moon when I saw it, couldn't wait but to take picture inside the car. (Then, an SUV honking wanted to take my parking space, so the moment was ruined! pfft!)

The box has somewhat crumple into that. But see how it was nicely put together...

So, the try out. I wore both of them on Thursday and Friday (I just couldn't wait any more...) The Satin Wrap was meant for inner scarf, which I wore with another scarf. The effect was like wearing normal scarf without any inner scarf with awning, but somewhat elegant because of the effect of the slick satin (This is all my personal view yeah, people may disagree :P)

How to wear? I actually had to find where I should head on. Definitely a unique piece, exclusive thus, the price is definitely worth the design. Both came with a zip behind, which was clever because it secure the position of the scarf and give a full cover of the neck - even in windy day, i bet the scarf will remain at its supposed position.

But the zip has its downside, when my hair tends to get stuck in between, ouch! I wonder if the others wear 'serkup' inside to avoid this. I even send out that question to Yuna about this. (Yes, i was that excited!) I guess a neat ponytail should do it. What's with a serkup with another inner? Double security? NOT! But that is what I usually do when I wear my awning inner... hmmm.

That's the zip that I described. In the picture I wore the usual serkup to cover the hair only... The scarf is complete with Maysaa tag with direction for care. BTW, it's made in China.

Here's a picture of yours truly wearing the Satin Wrap with a cotton shawl in a very loose way with two pins on the head. As usual, I thought this is cool. Haha :)

Nevermind that, the chiffon scarf as shown in Maysaa, comes in 2 style. One when you can actually let the chiffon part cover your chest or let it loose to the side, which i think is awesome too! I'm not sure if I would be doing this style, but I bet I will. If not now, soon...

Awesome kan? I think this can pull a formal and casual look too right? Not sure if I'm that daring to be wearing this style to the office. Below is the normal style - which resembles Siti's style - but hers is without the inner~

So that's that. I am a really happy customer. Maysaa has also a return policy even up to if "the style doesn't suit"! Not because of size, quality, but the style too... Huhu.

P/S: Tahirah, if you're reading this - seriously a big shout to Hana & Yuna at their event tomorrow all the way from Miri!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

2nd Week - December

It starts with :
3 KM slow jog at KRP as early as 0630 HRS
200 jumps on the skipping rope
20 push ups and 20 sit ups

ALL made possible by Zukry and, yours truly :)

Actually, it started with a movie with Visu and Uthes. We were among the 6 people watching "The Social Network" in Hall 3 on Friday night! Hehehe... The moment the movie finished, we were thinking "Why are we not a computer programmer?!". Of course, this was all driven from the story of the youngest billionaire in the world, Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook co-founder.

Then, off to the airport (after a dinner stop at Nasi Lemak Rasa Segar with Uthes; it's been ages since my last makan2 there) waiting for Zukry. The flight was delayed. So, I was there with my rubik cube, which I can finished in less than 5 mins now! - waiting... While i was trying to re-do the cube, I saw our ex-Southern SM. He asked "So, bila nak pindah ni?". When i said, no letter, no decision yet; he said "Don't worry, soon lah tu. Dah confirm dah... Tunggu!"

YEAY! I hope to receive the letter there and then! :) But i guess, that's enough to make up the whole weekend kot. 15mins later, Zukry was in front of me.

Anyways, after the exercise gala - nothing much happened except for the successful attempts to imitate Hot & Roll Onion & Cheese Phrata. Sedap! Wanted to buy bagels for Bagel with cream cheese but opt for a cheaper carbo, french bread aje... :) Sedap jugak. Tapi I'm sure with Bagel lebih nyaman~

Monday, December 6, 2010

1st Week - December

I have one Annual Leave left! Today I'm on annual leave to welcome my in-law family here in Labuan. I am currently at the only McDonald's (boleh cakap camni, cause in Miri we have 2 now!) in Labuan writing, while waiting for them to arrive. Sakit perut yang amat ni, tapi tahan jelah (takde orang nak jaga beg and laptop ni kang!)

Anyways, I'm also trying to recover from last week hectics. I was in Miri, Bintulu, KL, and Labuan in less than a week time! It involved a lot of flights, taxis and headaches. Travel for work is alright; at least I'm out of the office. Tiring tu, memang cannot deny-lah. Today baru rasa sedikit alright.

You know what is my biggest achievement this week? Not doing shopping either online nor at Dorothy Perkins (although I had 2 visits there last week)! And I have an eye on this blouse. The satin silk is so luxurious in chocolate, I loved it - but yeah... I just left it there. I might be getting it, but not any time soon.
(Gambar low quality sbb crop sendiri... but you have to go and see the texture and colour - richness. I like!)

(Btw, i actually left for the toilet and back to original place in McD ni. Dgn takmalunya :P)

So my first Dec weekend is nearing to its end. (This one is long, last until Tuesday~) But I have a hosting job to do for the remaining 1 day or so ni... I think we can finish the whole Labuan by the time frame given inclusive of fabric and chocolate shopping jgk. (In the spirit of leaving Miri for this small island, we love island live! Yes, we do)

Check that out - four more games on top of the two we had! These were taken fresh from orang yang baru balik dari UK! We tried Singstar + dance and Sports champion semalam. berpeluh2!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


New Kids in the Block - The Right Stuffs

While Zukry was probably playing kahwin-kahwin or throwing marbles or get mixed up with all the Transformers robots in his hands (hehehe, totally made this up. I miss Zukry - Hence, this); I was playing concert with beloved cousins! I miss those carefree days! I have a notebook full of NKOTB lyrics! Let's gag on how cute Jordan and Jonathan were and still are today! Enjoy.

Let's warmly welcome December 2010

Am I not moving to Labuan in January?! :P

4-7 Dec 2010
Must do some discussion on the new car. Plus, the in-Laws are visiting. Trying to live Zukry's live for about a week. This means I have to cook on Monday and Tuesday? Nightmare is starting! Can i just contribute Jeliti / Anjung Ketam / Island Tomyam for lunch and dinner, please? I'm good at being host, but not a good cook!

11-12 Dec 2010
Let's switch to i-phone?!

18-19 Dec 2010
Who's going where now? I think Zukry's coming again kot.

24-26 Dec 2010
Now what? May need to be on duty during this period... So, yeah. Ada wayang best ke? Rapunzel.

31 Dec - 2 Jan 2010
OMG, the new year. I'll turn another year in about 2 weeks later! :)

Uplifting Songs :)

James Morrison - You Give Me Something

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

He used a cassette player creatively in the video. You know who still uses cassette player? Yes, yours truly - in her cute 2003 Kelisa. Best cassette played over and over in Miri? Michael Buble :P

Oh, on another note - a little gossip: Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift - seriously?! Cute, but seriously?!