Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Shopping Success!

I want to own a thousand dollar handbag without having to pay for it. So, how do i get it? Told Bapak what I want. What i want must be in the list of things he approves of. Kidding! Mana dapat. Bapak ku bukan cap duit! huehuehue...

disebabkan itu, marilah kita raikan kejayaan saya bershopping di factory out store in Maju Junction. I had my hair done yesterday. Treat and trim, basically a fabulous treat to my hair, scalp, head! Hehehe... So these are the things i ended up buying.

6 tops altogether. 3 long-sleeved Tshirts, 2 short-sleeved Tshirts and a yellow singlet. Plus a pair of washed jeans. All from FOS amounted to only RM86.70! What a success!!!

I bought the black belt from Metamorphosis at I-Setan when i was supposed to meet my friends. Well, a friend actually since only Mawarni can turn up. Jangan risau girls, we meet again later on. I understand semua orang pun busy bekerja and everything.I je yang bercuti (Tu pun kena wat some homework smlm. sampai ke pagi... aduhai, tak tenteram sangat jadinya...)

We had dinner at Little Penang Cafe before cought in mutiple jalan JEM takhengat! semua orang sibuk isi petrol. Aduhai, nak dekat sejam menyampaikan rumah Mawarni. Padahal if not, 15mins top kot.

Two T-shirts to be worn together or separately. This combo is a lil less than RM30.

These two are also not meant to be worn together but its perfect together! And I think the pink one on top of white Tshirt would be oh-so-CUTE!

And the last combo. The yellow top screams attention! I don't have a green T-shirt. I have hijau lumut one, which is dull. but this one is so Summer-ish.

A washed-jeans to complete the look. The belt bought separately. BTW, the jeans is only RM19.90 - Am i a cheapskate or Am I so-damn-SMART? i choose the later... DUH!

Maybe I'll parade all these clothes on me. SUPER. hehehee....
Tomorrow packed with plans. including watching P. RAMLEE with my family. wheee!!!

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