Saturday, June 7, 2008

See me at my own show...

I was browsing through the laptop. My precious, HP of only 5 months old - getting on 6. Hehehe... and i found this picture. Yeap, that's Zukry after a presentation, running towards the dewan to watch me dance. It was the "exam".

I know I look like a tepung gomak, but hey I used to take up dance during my years in UTM for a one credit subject - Co-Curriculum. It was fantastic! I was the only one among my group of friends who took up this subject, the others were crazy about being behind the scene playing the gamelan. I was dancing to two songs.

One with everyone in the class to a zapin song and the second one, check me out with the kipas. That is with a gamelan song calleh "Timang Burung". Every now and then, at work; i always play this song in my head phone. Very soothing and it reminds me of how much fun it is to do what i enjoy doing.

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