Sunday, June 22, 2008

Point you fingers not to PETRONAS

Everyone has their own views on the recent fuel price hiking up to RM2.70. I may have my own opinion but I just don't want to fret about it. I mean, there are more important things in my life right now. Although, i have to say; it's heartbreaking to look at the receipt i received this morning after pumping fuel compared to the last time i fill up my kelisa.

As summary of all the positive feedbacks i've read from 'The Star', they all end up with a similar message. People, it's not PETRONAS...

A compilation of the last paragraph of articles i read.

From: Is it fair to bash PETRONAS?
"But don’t make the mistake of interchanging Petronas with the Government. The uprising criticisms against Petronas Malaysia is largely misdirected. Aim your arrows elsewhere."
-S. Dali-

From: PETRONAS Has Nothing To Do with Price Hike
"This is the system, as I understand it. I think we must discern the issues involved here. Petronas as one of the retailers of petroleum products in Malaysia is different and apart from the Government’s policy on subsidies. The retail price of petroleum products as it stands today is not for Petronas to determine. It is for the Government to decide."
-T.K Chua, KL-

From: Don't Seek to Destoy PETRONAS, our pride.
"To Mr TK Chua “Petronas has nothing to do with price hike’ (The Star, June 18), thank you for your support of Petronas, and your explanation that the increase in price of petrol is the decision of the Government."
-An Angry PETRONAS Staff, KL-

Go to The Star online, and read these articles. Not to forget another one from K.H Lim "PETRONAS a Victim of its own Success".

Teeny :)


[YeOp] said...

Petronas sengaja dipolitikkan pihak2 tertentu. Tak tau apa2, nak condemn Petronas. I pergi interview Petronas, interviewer pun mengeluh psl orang tuduh Petronas macam2 tanpa bukti. *sigh*

Harteeny said...

I know this is a little too late. But i hope despite everyone's opinion about this, you'd still got a place. Probably in Miri? :P