Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Holiday so far...

During the last 5 days I am here in Kuala Lumpur, my diet is almost ruin, at least for the week. I am aware of what i swallowed. That's what important (atleast to me). Donuts, ice-creams (Haagen Daaz and some fancy ice-cream at the Gardens), macam2 jenis coffee from restaurants and coffee houses, tiramisu, cupcakes, HELP!

I've just received my scarf bought from a blog. I met Yanie, because Baby didn't answer the door when Poslaju was here and it was left at the post office (Tmn Melawati) for 2 weeks, unclaimed. The post then send it back to Yanie. Sungguh byk cerita to get a scarf! It's gorgeous, a lil small but the pattern - loving it.

Was out with Mak these two days. I was in Melaka with Mak, Bapak and Mizan for one night. Stayed at Hotel Equatorial - so dekat dengan A Famosa! I enjoyed the shopping complex :) Bapak took the ferry to Dumai for work with 3 other engineers (that's why we were there. Oh, we went to visit aunty Siti at her daughter's house too. Breast Cancer...)

Here is Mak with Mizan at the port. Hantar bapak naik feri kuning belakang tu. 5 hours ke Sumatera!

Back in KL yesterday, went to Hotel Ancasa for a Thai Food Festival. Mak's work thing, so just follow. Makan free, mestilah pergi :P Been to The Gardens, Bangsar Village, went into 2 Habib Jewel (one at Bangsar Village and Ampang Point, ada jualan separuh harga until the 8th!) and of course, KLCC. Mak already bought two pairs of shoes and a handbag. I always ended up buying desserts! Aduhai..

Am going to Putrajaya to Makteh's place. Tonight, gotta pick up Baby at LCCT who just came back from holidaying in Bangkok with Maktam's family. Tomorrow insyaAllah, am having dinner with my girlfriends. See who turns up. 2jelah for now. toodles.

Btw, this is the scarf i bought.

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