Saturday, June 28, 2008

This weekend is gonna be awesome-R :)

This week has been CRAZY! people has been saying that I did not sleep at night because of this particular event. It was so-so. But the work behind it, my God... I am not sure why I was the only one who seems to bother anyway. Thanks Visu. You're a great help (as always)

Oh, people... I'm back in KL! :) Weeehooo!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Point you fingers not to PETRONAS

Everyone has their own views on the recent fuel price hiking up to RM2.70. I may have my own opinion but I just don't want to fret about it. I mean, there are more important things in my life right now. Although, i have to say; it's heartbreaking to look at the receipt i received this morning after pumping fuel compared to the last time i fill up my kelisa.

As summary of all the positive feedbacks i've read from 'The Star', they all end up with a similar message. People, it's not PETRONAS...

A compilation of the last paragraph of articles i read.

From: Is it fair to bash PETRONAS?
"But don’t make the mistake of interchanging Petronas with the Government. The uprising criticisms against Petronas Malaysia is largely misdirected. Aim your arrows elsewhere."
-S. Dali-

From: PETRONAS Has Nothing To Do with Price Hike
"This is the system, as I understand it. I think we must discern the issues involved here. Petronas as one of the retailers of petroleum products in Malaysia is different and apart from the Government’s policy on subsidies. The retail price of petroleum products as it stands today is not for Petronas to determine. It is for the Government to decide."
-T.K Chua, KL-

From: Don't Seek to Destoy PETRONAS, our pride.
"To Mr TK Chua “Petronas has nothing to do with price hike’ (The Star, June 18), thank you for your support of Petronas, and your explanation that the increase in price of petrol is the decision of the Government."
-An Angry PETRONAS Staff, KL-

Go to The Star online, and read these articles. Not to forget another one from K.H Lim "PETRONAS a Victim of its own Success".

Teeny :)

Ahad-ku :) It's not the End.

I woke up today really determined to swim at Kelab Rekreasi Petroleum (KRP) Everyone was out as early as 7am to their own destination (everyone means my housemates. That exclude Izza since she's away for a vacation)

So there I was, lengkap with swimming suit underneath my jeans and jacket at kelab yang sunyi sepi, and tengok2 ada abang tengah cuci the pool. Went to the counter, "the pool opens at 8.30am kak". Sigh...

Maka, marilah kita pergi makan Mee Kolok dulu :) And finally, i decided 10 laps of swimming after mee kolok is not a good idea. So, next destination - Rumah! Hehehe... Ni yang ada kat depan PC and in front of the TV as well, typing and watching Hallmark channel.

Aduhai, patheticnye my life in Miri. Sabarjelah haku...

Whoppps-y! It's not yet the end.

Turns out, a trip to facial is the way to go. Hehehehe...
Well, i decided after my trip to Kota Kinabalu for Borneo Games, my skin is so menyakitkan hati. The sun-burnt on top of hormon yang mengeluarkan all jerawats and blackheads. Eiww! Eiwww pun atas muka I ni jugak, sabojele.

Anyway, this time i don't want to do the weird asap resdung thing. Aduh, last time i did I was choking to death takleh nak bernafas. Tolong! So no more this time. While i was trying to avoid the near-death-choking-incident, I have to go through another painful procedure. Well, it was just the normal exfoliating/digging the bumps on this cute face of mine tapi aduh, SAKITNYA MAK! Every dot of my face dikorek2 ke akar umbi. I don't know what the hell she's doing (of course, my eyes were closed at all times) but it was so damn painful!

So kepada rakan-rakan ofis yang membaca this blog, jangan terkejutlah tengok muka ini esok hari. ada extra merah :) hehehe... But the thing is, I know that it's clean. No more bumps, and no kicap (She said, takut scar. OK)

And then, trip to Giant and guardian. do some groceries shopping. Dah middle of the year, semua pun dah abis. So there I was, muka macam tepung gomak (again! she put on something like bedak sejuk with moisturizer thing. hape2lah) membeli-belah. Beli sabun basuh pun dikira retail therapy :) hihi...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Syndrome TakNak Balik

Yes, it's here and it stays even until I reached home in Miri. Damn it, why is this so hard!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

See me at my own show...

I was browsing through the laptop. My precious, HP of only 5 months old - getting on 6. Hehehe... and i found this picture. Yeap, that's Zukry after a presentation, running towards the dewan to watch me dance. It was the "exam".

I know I look like a tepung gomak, but hey I used to take up dance during my years in UTM for a one credit subject - Co-Curriculum. It was fantastic! I was the only one among my group of friends who took up this subject, the others were crazy about being behind the scene playing the gamelan. I was dancing to two songs.

One with everyone in the class to a zapin song and the second one, check me out with the kipas. That is with a gamelan song calleh "Timang Burung". Every now and then, at work; i always play this song in my head phone. Very soothing and it reminds me of how much fun it is to do what i enjoy doing.

P. Ramlee The Musical

Just got back from P. Ramlee The Musical.

Siapa yang belum tengok tu?

Looking at how it portrays his (P. Ramlee) life as a seniman, that is truly what passion means.

The props - giler ada keretapi lalu atas pentas. memang jakun abis!
Nadia, if you're reading this - HEBAT gilers! semoga jadi leading lady pulak...

En. Musly, anda sungguh seperti P. Ramlee. That hand of yours, aiyaiyai... takleh lupa. SebiJIK!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Shopping Success!

I want to own a thousand dollar handbag without having to pay for it. So, how do i get it? Told Bapak what I want. What i want must be in the list of things he approves of. Kidding! Mana dapat. Bapak ku bukan cap duit! huehuehue...

disebabkan itu, marilah kita raikan kejayaan saya bershopping di factory out store in Maju Junction. I had my hair done yesterday. Treat and trim, basically a fabulous treat to my hair, scalp, head! Hehehe... So these are the things i ended up buying.

6 tops altogether. 3 long-sleeved Tshirts, 2 short-sleeved Tshirts and a yellow singlet. Plus a pair of washed jeans. All from FOS amounted to only RM86.70! What a success!!!

I bought the black belt from Metamorphosis at I-Setan when i was supposed to meet my friends. Well, a friend actually since only Mawarni can turn up. Jangan risau girls, we meet again later on. I understand semua orang pun busy bekerja and everything.I je yang bercuti (Tu pun kena wat some homework smlm. sampai ke pagi... aduhai, tak tenteram sangat jadinya...)

We had dinner at Little Penang Cafe before cought in mutiple jalan JEM takhengat! semua orang sibuk isi petrol. Aduhai, nak dekat sejam menyampaikan rumah Mawarni. Padahal if not, 15mins top kot.

Two T-shirts to be worn together or separately. This combo is a lil less than RM30.

These two are also not meant to be worn together but its perfect together! And I think the pink one on top of white Tshirt would be oh-so-CUTE!

And the last combo. The yellow top screams attention! I don't have a green T-shirt. I have hijau lumut one, which is dull. but this one is so Summer-ish.

A washed-jeans to complete the look. The belt bought separately. BTW, the jeans is only RM19.90 - Am i a cheapskate or Am I so-damn-SMART? i choose the later... DUH!

Maybe I'll parade all these clothes on me. SUPER. hehehee....
Tomorrow packed with plans. including watching P. RAMLEE with my family. wheee!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Holiday so far...

During the last 5 days I am here in Kuala Lumpur, my diet is almost ruin, at least for the week. I am aware of what i swallowed. That's what important (atleast to me). Donuts, ice-creams (Haagen Daaz and some fancy ice-cream at the Gardens), macam2 jenis coffee from restaurants and coffee houses, tiramisu, cupcakes, HELP!

I've just received my scarf bought from a blog. I met Yanie, because Baby didn't answer the door when Poslaju was here and it was left at the post office (Tmn Melawati) for 2 weeks, unclaimed. The post then send it back to Yanie. Sungguh byk cerita to get a scarf! It's gorgeous, a lil small but the pattern - loving it.

Was out with Mak these two days. I was in Melaka with Mak, Bapak and Mizan for one night. Stayed at Hotel Equatorial - so dekat dengan A Famosa! I enjoyed the shopping complex :) Bapak took the ferry to Dumai for work with 3 other engineers (that's why we were there. Oh, we went to visit aunty Siti at her daughter's house too. Breast Cancer...)

Here is Mak with Mizan at the port. Hantar bapak naik feri kuning belakang tu. 5 hours ke Sumatera!

Back in KL yesterday, went to Hotel Ancasa for a Thai Food Festival. Mak's work thing, so just follow. Makan free, mestilah pergi :P Been to The Gardens, Bangsar Village, went into 2 Habib Jewel (one at Bangsar Village and Ampang Point, ada jualan separuh harga until the 8th!) and of course, KLCC. Mak already bought two pairs of shoes and a handbag. I always ended up buying desserts! Aduhai..

Am going to Putrajaya to Makteh's place. Tonight, gotta pick up Baby at LCCT who just came back from holidaying in Bangkok with Maktam's family. Tomorrow insyaAllah, am having dinner with my girlfriends. See who turns up. 2jelah for now. toodles.

Btw, this is the scarf i bought.