Friday, August 4, 2017


Finally giving in to my nafs, I finally owned a MacBook. Air.

Yes, I have to jot down somewhere about this achievement. Nothing compared to some other non-material achievement of others, but this is my blog - I say and document whatever I feel important.

Hey, I used to highlight that I got myself an iPod mini a few years back. I have been out of blogging days when I decided to become an iPhone user - started with an iPhone 5 that I have washed down in the washing machine along with my birthday present iPad mini (first generation). iPad survived until Zukry decided to watch influx in the toilet and soaked it in the pail. Hehehehe. #memoriberpantang I'm now with an iPhone 6 bought in Houston, Texas! Yeap, that's right - in 2014.

So, I am not sure how efficient the using-Macbook in the future would be but I'm gonna be excited about it at least for these few days/weeks hopefully. I'm actually considering about bringing this baby with my other babies (Zukry and Nur Amni, obviously) to our family vacation next month! OMG, that means juggling a lot of things! Probably I shouldn't but how could I leave this baby behind! Hehehehe.... #Ownerperak!