Saturday, July 29, 2017

To MacBook, or Not

We were buying our eldest niece a laptop for her university work today. While we were at the shop - I was having this urge of wanting to own my personal one too. 

I have been bugging Zukry about actually owning a MacBook, but I have been procrastinating about the idea. I was thinking, it really IS expensive, I don't need it that much but I wasn't really satisfied with how I've been spending my money these few months anyway. Might as well commit to a MacBook - and shut up! 

I've spend on a lot of baju! Baju raya, yang tailored - yang beli, yang matching, tak matching, pelbagai gaya and size juga. I have been spending on these clothing things because of the change of size, and because I feel like I can obviously. 

I settled for an Apple Watch after completing my Jom Kurus somewhere in Mar, with flying colors. Oh well, not really - I met my target, nothing above and beyond that. I did not spend any of my money on that, Zukry thought it's should be a greater motivation - so it was a gift. So, really - I should've had a MacBook by now already! 

But I'm still here - not using one. Jom pergi beli! 

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