Monday, July 31, 2017

30ish and Chicken Pox

I guess the time that I am having to blog these few days, was due to the extra time I have at home - quarantined for chicken pox. Yeap, chicken pox at this age! This was my first time and Alhamdulillah... after about a week, it has subsided although the blisters aren't really dry so the doctor extended my MC! 

The thing that I was scared for was the achy body that people have warned me. I had that just before i noticed the first few blisters on my chest... But I had the twice per week workout session with Kapt Black (I plan to blog about this soon), so my thinking was that the achy feeling was the result of the workout! 

The demam came almost immediately after seeing the doctor. Continues until day 3, and with more and more blisters coming out. The most annoying at the 2 most prominent on my face and a few others on my head (just because i couldn't see them and it hurt when i had to comb my hair!) I think I had like 6 air kelapa! Hehehe... and the antiviral pills I had - Doctor cakap 'kurangkan blisters'. So like many comments I heard, takdelah teruk sangat. But I cannot bayang kalau teruk tu camner dah.

With Amni around, still nursing - exposed to the virus, I cannot NOT worry about her not catching it. But I'm just gonna go with the flow. She's been a strong girl so far. Also, she's been playing with my blisters while nursing! I gotta nurse her in the dark, so that she couldn't see them. Hehehe. 

So, I'm just gonna embraced the MC I've received. Afterall, it is a once in a lifetime experience. I hope!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The blog is 10 years!

OMG, I just realized that the previous post was my first post for 2017. My last post was in October 2016! Hehehe... That means, Alhamdulillah I have been busy with life that I haven't got the time to really sit down and pour my brain out. 

And also, social media obviously. Instagram and Twitter are way faster to share my thoughts, pictures, what I like or I don't, how I am/was feeling, all the important and not-so-important stuffs. That's where i got the latest gossips, keep up with the latest trend / viral things and the likes. Hehehehe...

It has been 10 years - this blog.

I started it because I feel like I needed a space to just blab about my life - then, single, alone, abroad (over the sea) and trying to make it "on my own". Thus the title, in case you have no idea why I chose that.

Now that I'm more settled, a mother, a wife, a career woman (gittewwww!) - I guess, I need to FIND time to blog. I have always had the apps in my iPhone but typing it on an actual keyboard is more satisfying...

To MacBook, or Not

We were buying our eldest niece a laptop for her university work today. While we were at the shop - I was having this urge of wanting to own my personal one too. 

I have been bugging Zukry about actually owning a MacBook, but I have been procrastinating about the idea. I was thinking, it really IS expensive, I don't need it that much but I wasn't really satisfied with how I've been spending my money these few months anyway. Might as well commit to a MacBook - and shut up! 

I've spend on a lot of baju! Baju raya, yang tailored - yang beli, yang matching, tak matching, pelbagai gaya and size juga. I have been spending on these clothing things because of the change of size, and because I feel like I can obviously. 

I settled for an Apple Watch after completing my Jom Kurus somewhere in Mar, with flying colors. Oh well, not really - I met my target, nothing above and beyond that. I did not spend any of my money on that, Zukry thought it's should be a greater motivation - so it was a gift. So, really - I should've had a MacBook by now already! 

But I'm still here - not using one. Jom pergi beli!