Sunday, December 20, 2015

Working Mommy

I have always admire mommies who work hard at the office, even harder at home. I was raised by a working mom and was surrounded with many when I'm at work. 

It is not an alien subject, this working at office vs. staying at home mom. I was even exposed to the idea of bringing work to home (working from home - many of which was relying on Shaklee business) - of which is a nice idea but I'm not ready to give it all up (yet, maybe)

It's been almost one month since I left Amni at my aunt's helper care. We decided that it is better to leave Amni there first... And re-think about our Taska strategy. We have build a pretty decent routine...

5.00 - 7.30
Wake up to nurse. (Almost all the time, I went back to sleep cause I nurse her lying down... This needs improvement)
Getting ready
Prepare Amni's milk and pumping stuffs for office
- 4 bottles of milk with one packet of chilled one from last night pump session. We started with 3 oz for a week or so, then solid 4 oz each feeding. Starting tomorrow - she's getting 5 oz per feeding InsyaAllah and I have to up my pumping sessions! Come onnnn!
- a bag of ice packs for the milk I get to pump at the office
- a bag of pumping units and bottles

7.30 - 6.30 
Melawati - Gombak - LRT Putra - KLCC
Try to get at least a decent 3 sessions of 15-20 mins pumping session
Go back at earliest opportunity

6.30 - 8.00
KLCC - LRT Putra - Gombak - Melawati
Won't pass dinner offer by MakTam. Thank you MakTam :)

8.00 - 5.00
Put Amni to sleep. Pump at least one more time (usually around 9 pm) 
Tido and nurse when Amni's up (once or twice)


Exciting, huh? I have wondered if I would have the opportunity to care for own kid. That kind of thought came especially when people ask when I'm going to have one - of which I don't have the answer to kan... Now, I have one. I'm gonna care for her as best as I could. InsyaAllah...