Saturday, September 12, 2015


After 6 years of just Zukry and I, the induced labor ends at 3.30 pm on Wednesday 19 Aug 2015 with the arrival of a beautiful baby girl.

We are now parents to the cutest baby girl named Nur Amni. 
Nur - Cahaya (also match her father's name that starts with Nor)
Amni - Ketenanganku (also short enough to be called)

I need to be forward thinking and make more plans, visuals more things. I don't have any idea what Mommyhood would be like but at this very moment I can say that it's the total opposite of pregnant state. 

On Mommy side:
1. What to wear
- kill the pregnant look. Almost always looking not-pregnant because of my already loose tops and dresses. Huhu...
- now I look like someone who doesn't even care how she looks. And trust me, I care! Teeny in kain batik is not a pretty sight. Which also means I don't have a decent pantang picture. Oh well...

2. What to eat
- eat whatever I feel like eating. Durian, Teh Ais, Lychee, nasi lemak almost everyday! Pheeewwww
- bland. Nasi, Ikan, green vege. Lunch and dinner. Water and for some reason, Horlicks to help wash them all down! Sabar Teeny, sket je lagi. 
3. How much sleep
- when I was pregnant, I get to sleep super early, wake up early (I'm a morning person)
- as expected but still need adjustment - now; I sleep early, get up after 2-3 hours, nurse and dodoi baby, repeat cycle. Hehe...

About taking care of Amni - there were all NEW and I was at Level -1, not even at 0!  Alhamdulillah we survived the first month, she's now 5 weeks ;)