Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ready or Not, here She comes!

I thought the check up we had last Saturday would be our second last... And I was so sure about it until the doctor started to bring us through labor journey immediately... I was meeting an ex-colleague when my name was called, so I was late! Huhuhu. I guess, because of that she had the time to go thru my readings before I entered... And they weren't pretty enough.

- Weight has increased tremendously after only ONE freaking week!!! I hit my absolute heaviest.

- Blood pressure reading was borderline. We just had breakfast. Lontong with telur and sambal sotong for me and the baby! But still... Towards the end of pregnancy, this reading gets more crucial especially on what sort of labour I'll be facing.

So, we were first briefed about elective c-sect. To which I wasn't really surprised but still NOT ready to have labour talk. I was speechless, I asked for 'let's check the baby's condition and talk later...'

Onto the bed, this time with vaginal test! The baby alhamdulillah is healthy and well inside, estimated to be at 3.6 kg. As for the other test, apparently according to the report (which I can't really read) said that cx soft, 2 cm <- I should be ready...

So we talked about 'induced' labour. Coming into the hospital at 8 pm Tuesday - put tablets down there. Monitor progress next morning and ready to pop! Induced but vaginal delivery. We were given time to think about it - and decided, let's try normal but induced delivery...

Right now, I'm busy trying out the natural way to induce labour. But I only got 3 days... So, while doing that; I Tawakal aje with whatever the result.

Would I be in labour before being induced? Mohon doakan kesihatan saya dan baby ye... 

*writing this down to remember what happened and I'd be happy if anyone would benefit from this too... You know, learning through experience of others.

After doctor's appointment - we went for a walking spree inside Pavillion!

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