Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Showing at 8 months

How's Ramadhan so far?

2 weeks and Alhamdulillah, I'm still fasting. A lot of yawning by 11.30 am, can sleep almost anywhere, hitting the sack as early as 11 pm... 

I was anxious about coming into Week 32 because according to some reference that means, I'm officially 8 months! That also means only 3 more weeks to full term (36 weeks) and about less than 2 months to the end of pregnancy journey #1. 

I finally get remarks like 'when are you due?', 'baby belly?!' which means i am finally showing. I guess the belly limit to all my dresses, jubah, blouses etc. we're up to second trimester! Huhuhu... That also means that I have less of things to wear and I tend to repeat stuffs. Oh well, as long as I'm comfortable, kan? ;)

We have also started to get more and more excited to shop for our little one. We planned a trip to IKEA last weekend to buy a baby cot. At RM299, I think it's a good bargain compared to those in Mothercare. Let's pray we get to assemble it up this weekend. We have found a good spot for it. (Usually, our IKEA stuffs were delivered and assembled by IKEA men..)

We also got a few things from the UK. I asked MakTam to buy some baby clothings when she was in London a few weeks back. A set of baby suits, towel, mittens, socks, etc. I also just booked 'Tilam Bayi Kekabu' from an Instagram entrepreneur... Handmade, hopefully it will turn up all pretty and sweet for our little one in August nnt. This one is for berpantang later, where attending the baby will be on the floor mostly...

This is how I kept myself busy these days. Thinking, planning, executing plans to get ready for the baby stuffs. Takut bercampur teruja! 

My health wise, so far OK. I get leg cramps in the middle of the night, sometimes unwarned - tiba-tiba giler. Zukry has (always) been a dear, tolong urut/ketuk my cramp betis... I do get shortness of breath too which I try to counter with a lather of Vicks. Again, at night too... 

Tomorrow is my check up. Hello Baby, Mama's gonna see you tomorrow! So, be nice - I wanna have a perfect sonogram of you :)

Here's what I look like right now...

Definitely pregnant, kan? Hehehe... And Zukry managed to assemble the baby cot. It's ready...!

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