Monday, June 15, 2015

Dah Lama Tunggu...

Although I know, everyone meant well when they said the above... I am somehow offended by the remarks.

I find, the best way to respond to the news of us finally expecting was to acknowledge how Allah rewards those with patience, doa dimakbulkan... something like that.

It hurts more to be reminded that our parents dah lama tunggu. Like we were such failures for not bringing the good news earlier. But that may be just me... It wasn't a big deal to my other half, so it may just be my pregnant hormones.

This also should be a reminder to me, to not offend anyone who has yet receive this kind of news. Don't worry sisters, Allah is great. There must be a whole lot of hikmah behind it. Sometimes, we don't / don't want to see them... Rezeki are not just in your money or no of children.

Truly, you wouldn't know what/how it feels until you're in the same situation... We are finally excited about shopping for our little one that we hoard some mothercare stuffs last weekend!

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