Wednesday, April 29, 2015

There's gonna be little Teeny on the way


If you haven't heard already, we are having a baby! InsyaAllah, in August 2015. Alhamdulillah... Peraturan Allah memang sempurna. I trust his plan, therefore extremely grateful for what have been given unto us, Zukry and I.

April is almost ending... and so far, my 2015 has been colourful! 

First, let me jot down a few things that I want to remember. Of course, the biggest thing that happened to us earlier in the year was to care for this pregnant lady and survive our first trimester. 

We were waiting for my period to arrive in Dec, but it didn't... The last one was a painful one because I was running for my 10 km in Penang! Immediately after the run, we were very busy planning and executing my sister's wedding plan we've looked forward for the whole year. It was already the 25th of December but it still nowhere to be seen...

I was devastated. Well, you have to know that this didn't came to us without any 'extra' effort. I was under medication, we went to see a doctor and actually do a proper follow-through unlike the first few times we tried while we were leaving apart... So, knowing that it didn't arrive immediately brought me to the conclusion that it went haywire again (my period that is)

Alas, I was determined. I was going to accept whatever the test kit was going to tell me. So, I checked. I immediately got two lines! Never in my life... Takpernah, sekali pun! I know how heartbreaking it was if it won't show that other line, THAT i don't know what to feel when I saw two! To clear my doubt, Zukry's came to the rescue (As usual. I've become very dependent on him this past year...) and confirmed that the test kit showed 2 lines! 

Before we went to the kenduri we planned to attend, I insisted on an ultrasound check to double confirm and oh well, alhamdulillah... we saw the little sac at a clinic nearby. We were barely 5 weeks long then. Now, I just ended my fifth month - going on my sixth.

InsyaAllah, doakan yang baik-baik buat kami and our little one. It has been quite a journey, we have just realized how it feels when the baby kicks. So, every night before we go to sleep - we'll talk to her and see if she would respond with a kick or perhaps, a punch. The first few months were really about looking at my body changing, now with her responding to our voices, touches - it gets more and more surreal. Sometimes, I still question what good have I done to deserve this one-of-a-kind experience... Allahuakbar!

P/S: the sister that had her wedding in Dec is also expecting. So, insyaAllah my parents are going to finally have not just one but two grandchildren... 

Till next post,