Friday, November 22, 2013

Run Teeny, Run! #1

So I made it. 

My 10 KM run.

I don't know what was the reason behind my running last December. Probably it was the 'non-caring' months or perhaps even years. Astaghfirullah, I was under some kind of sluggish spell that I can't just get out from. So yeah..., I started last year 6th Dec. 

After I started, I thought it would be fantastic if I could stick on a program for a year. So I feel like a hundred kilometer is doable. But it wasn't until I finished my first 'run' at the Standard Chartered Brunei Run where I finished my first whole 5 KM, I start to jot down every run I made. The usual morning & evening run became a big deal every time. 

When I started in Dec, it was a choice. It made me feel like I'm in control, I like deciding to go out on a run and actually did it. But when Baby started working here in Miri, I don't have as much freedom. I was very sure that she would run if I plan to, but it was not as easy as doing it in my own terms. Or was it just plain excuse? Hehehe, but I continued.

What would be a better way to celebrate this by actually participate in a run that Zukry has long ago joined. So we registered for the Brunei Standard Chartered Marathon. Zukry for his usual 10 KM while I dragged Daju along for the 5 KM one. But boy, she was fast! I was behind but managed to complete just 4 minutes under 1 hour!

Look how 'semangat' we were. This was taken at the starting point. 5 minutes later, I couldn't see Daju anymore. Hehehehe...

Altogether now... Abang came all the way for the run. This is our first international run that is done outside the country! Living in Miri has its own perks, this is one of it.

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