Friday, November 22, 2013

Run Teeny, Run #2

So to keep me running, Zukry registered me for the Penang Bridge International Marathon. This time, a little more challenging adding up another 5 KM to a total 10 KM. My first 10 KM run! It was a big deal but I wasn't as spirited as I was when I started running. 

I think in Jun-Aug, I was absent from KRP. I didn't run as much. By this time, I already have all my running records. Probably because I was pleased with the achievement of actually finishing up to nearly 50 KM before June! So that's already half way right? I guess that's why... 

When I take up running again, it was already Sept. I was not nervous about the 10 KM until it hit me as October was ending. I did 5 KM a few times before the actual run, thinking if I could do half of it, I can do it all! 

My ultimate running saga starts in Putrajaya Marathon where I run 2 sets of 5 KM on a treadmill. Pas dah tau boleh buat, memang semangat abis! In Miri, I tried my distance and speed on a treadmill at KRP Gym. I didn't know where the confidence came from, but I was so full of myself; I didn't care about being the only girl in the room!

Anyway, so all these happen just so I can do my first 10 KM. I was telling everyone that I'm about to run, even to my MIL. We went back for a night aje but I told her like it was a great deal! (Well, it was) 

Nak collect racing kit, but ada photo opt yang we don't want to miss at Asics booth. Afterall, I'm wearing one for the run!

Zukry did everything he could to make sure I participated and finish my run. The registration, flight ticket, the hotel, etc. When he told me we were to stay at Eastin hotel, I thought he must have gotten a great price for making a reservation very early. Mana taknye, duk hotel yang 3 minutes before run boleh start sama2 dgn participant lain. Rupa-rupanya, the hotel rate quite mahai! He sengaja rahsiakan... So I won't make a big deal out of it. (Which I totally would if I knew earlier! Huhuhu) 

On the day, kitorang solat Subuh on time abis. Subuh was at 5.48 am, the women's 10 KM started at 6.00 am! I was already in my running gear, it did not include  the running Asics vest cause even at size XXL - muat2 for Zukry aje! So senang, pas solat ... Zoom turun bawah!

I was in the wrong lane and the crowd was amazingly big! It wasn't even 6 am. When it started, I was finding my own space to run. I was surprised that I myself run even faster and at a longer distance before I slowed down (unlike during training) I slowed down when we were going up the flyover to the bridge. Quite a view, many actually stopped for a picture. 

Many of the time I was looking up and checking out 'where is the u-turn?!' Sampai aje, phewww half way done! I was on a roll, thinking that I could finish this. Zukry was no where at sight. I was like 'kalau Zukry tak sampai ni, ada chance I abis under qualifying time'! Wah, over tak confidence?!!

15-20 mins past, assalamualaikum; Zukry tegur and I was like 'Alamak!'. I can't go faster than whatever pace I was on at the time, so qualifying time tu almost bye2 dah... I can look at his being here with me as a challenge or as 'penyibuk' or that extra motivation much needed. He was all three! Sekejap I feel like I needed that 'langkah besar sket', sekejap kang 'ok, shhhh senyap!' But most of the time, I like to be reminded 'you dah buat 8.5 KM, sikit je lagi!!!'

I finished at 1 hour and 42 minutes and 50 seconds. Almost 13 minutes past the qualifying time of 1.5 hours. That was my official timing.

Would I do it again?
Maybe, I have another 8 km run registered in January 2014.

I may even want to do half marathon, who knows! But this year I got to strike off:

5 KM checked, checked, checked!!!
10 KM checked!

What I looked like during/after my training runs?! Terrible! Sorry gambo tak menarik. Taken in KRP Why Gym.

Again, I was captured by the official photographer! Look how semangat!

And another one! I was still running even I was about to finish dah ni...!

Extreme joy after retrieving the much deserved medal!

Both of us, all happy with legs that feel like jell-o after the run. Hehehe...

Run Teeny, Run! #1

So I made it. 

My 10 KM run.

I don't know what was the reason behind my running last December. Probably it was the 'non-caring' months or perhaps even years. Astaghfirullah, I was under some kind of sluggish spell that I can't just get out from. So yeah..., I started last year 6th Dec. 

After I started, I thought it would be fantastic if I could stick on a program for a year. So I feel like a hundred kilometer is doable. But it wasn't until I finished my first 'run' at the Standard Chartered Brunei Run where I finished my first whole 5 KM, I start to jot down every run I made. The usual morning & evening run became a big deal every time. 

When I started in Dec, it was a choice. It made me feel like I'm in control, I like deciding to go out on a run and actually did it. But when Baby started working here in Miri, I don't have as much freedom. I was very sure that she would run if I plan to, but it was not as easy as doing it in my own terms. Or was it just plain excuse? Hehehe, but I continued.

What would be a better way to celebrate this by actually participate in a run that Zukry has long ago joined. So we registered for the Brunei Standard Chartered Marathon. Zukry for his usual 10 KM while I dragged Daju along for the 5 KM one. But boy, she was fast! I was behind but managed to complete just 4 minutes under 1 hour!

Look how 'semangat' we were. This was taken at the starting point. 5 minutes later, I couldn't see Daju anymore. Hehehehe...

Altogether now... Abang came all the way for the run. This is our first international run that is done outside the country! Living in Miri has its own perks, this is one of it.