Thursday, September 5, 2013

Aglio Olio ala Hartini

Try it, easy peasy.

What you can do:
Decide that you will cook this
Go out buy ingredients
Upon arrival, prep for cooking
Cook until finish

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Today, I was thinking about shoes! Most of the time. I have this insane craving on having a pair of dressy, special-occasion, pretty shoe/sandal. 

Thank god I didn't go on and buy a pair or two online! I was already on an impulse buying for 2 days. One of the expected package arrived today but both, a top and a dress are smaller than what the size indicated. I know for a fact I wasn't in denial because I have bought 3 items from the same shop in the same size. The cutting and materials were probably the issue. I'm going to return both tomorrow...

Another package will arrive in a month or so. Anyway, this shoe craving/fever reminded me of my first Ferragamo. I bought one in Florence last year. When we were at the train station - waiting for our train to Venice, I had to do a little bit of repacking because we were supposed to be backpackers!

Zukry insisted on losing the Ferragamo deep red box! My heart sank, I have no other argument but; "can I just have it please?...." Of course, that wasn't enough. I let Zukry throw the box, I wasn't going to do it. Ahhhh, girls! Macam2...! Huhuhu.

They are like a year plus now and expanding to the left and right. They look like a wide fit special Ferragamo pumps, they're not. They are overly used... Which is good!