Thursday, April 18, 2013

A little update!

It has been a while...

1. Baby is living with me now. So, to see how's she's doing, Mak came over. Abang too. With my aunt aunt and cousin early Feb. The usual Niah and Brunei trip! :)

2. First quarter was really busy with renovation of our aparment. A lot of shopping for the house and decisions made! Quite an experience.

3. I have completed my first 5KM in Brunei earlier this month and felt amazing of this achievement! But has not continue since! Must start again...!

4. I'm currently aggressively pursuing for a transfer (cerita lama yang kembali menyengat!) abefore, I have tweeted about collaegues asking why I am still here, which means many have expected me to move! Just 2 days ago, another junior asked me the same question... I hope these are all doa's for ease of the process.

5. Zukry has just joined the 30s club 2 days ago. We were in Bagan Serai to visit everyone. So yeay, a birthday present he gave himself :) It was really nice...