Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tiga Puluh

The title reads THIRTY.

I thought it's gonna make me feel weird, all draggy feeling of turning into another decade - but it didn't. I guess, it was my love for Birthday. No matter what age I turn hopefully, it won't bug me. Cakes, birthday song, most importantly feeling all loved, and giving back more love to my surrounding.

I wasn't bummed out about turning 30 even earlier when I was anticipating 14th. I was worried about I haven't been able to accomplish stuffs - whatever they are. So, I was googl-inge about things people do before they hit 30. Some crazy, some things I will never do, some were just plain boring and some things I found very crucial weren't even listed! Huhuhu...

I get to check degree+job+marriage off before the great 3-0, alhamdulillah... Whatever my wants say, I think I get more... It's nice to muhasabah this birthday, I have this whole 30 years that passed me, sweet and sour but it was great.

Here's to a better Hartini!