Sunday, January 6, 2013

We bid goodbye to 2012

Well, we have bid goodbye to 2012. Happy New Year, everyone :) Like last year, we went to bed early. But this time, we can't miss the fireworks because our neighbor decided to light so many outs! Initially, I can't sleep + agak marah - but I slept soundly after deciding to be at peace with the commotion happening just outside! Pom, pom, pom!!!

So, it has been a while since my last post. I'm so proud that I finished my Euro Trip 2012 stories and they were all published. I know I have to learn to watermark my pictures. The Camp Nou ones looked 'blergh' with the huge font! I really hope to continue traveling the world and write about it :)

Well, tonight I thought to start this first post of the year - I want to list all the things I'm mostly grateful for in 2012:

1. I get to attend important family gatherings (weddings especially) We have the means to go back and forth Kuala Lumpur to make it and family is the most important thing to me, so I just WANT to make it!
- KakLong's & Epit's at Lipis and Kuching
- Maksu's at Putrajaya
- Raya seminggu di Bagan Serai
- Balik coz Zukry pn kat KL
- Balik lg just because...
Not counting meetings, trainings, workshops!

2. The most expensive travel thus far, Italy-Spain-France :) and tiny bit of London very early of 2012 - Winter trip! I love every bit of the experiences, good or bad.

3. After 2 early assessments, alhamdulillah I pass! Probably not with flying colors but I did it. I'm officially a senior executive not just by experience, but qualification too :)

4. Finally decided to buy a house to myself. I own a property before I turn 30! Pat my back, please :) a small apartment - something I hope to rent latest by April. Need your help to extend your prayers for me, I got to stop buying non-sense and start furnish it NOW!

There's four to sum it all out. Banyak lagi nikmat Allah saya terima sepanjang 2012... Alhamdulillah for them all.

I need to plan for this 2013. I'll write again...