Thursday, October 4, 2012

Of Being Sick

So far, October is not as welcoming. It didn't start of great for me... The first day, I had to go to the clinic for my cough and sore throat. I was put on MC the very next day.

Just yesterday, I was up and ready for work. I sneezed hard and pulled a muscle or two. The pain was intense, I can't move properly without hurting... I already by then, started my car; tried really hard to get in but I knew I couldn't drive at that state.

A muscle relaxant and painkiller were prescribed, but it didn't went off immediately. For a day; sitting, picking things, whatever feels normal were a challenge for me. Ya Allah, sembuhkanlah... I'm meeting the doctor again today. Pray that I'll be on my toes again insyaAllah. 

Let's update the blog in the mean time, eh? (",)

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