Thursday, October 4, 2012

Madrid, Spain

A dull face to start of. It took us a while to get to this stadium. Zukry bought the tickets but we were supposed to claim the actual tickets at a La Caixa machine (sort of like an ATM) We found two machines but failed to retrieve any. (Select "english" but the machine still worked in "spanish". Duh!)

After 3 flights of stairs, we were up on and in The Estadio Santiago Bernabeu! Real Madrid, La Liga 2011-2012 Champion home ground~

Merajuk, biasalah - jadi muka camtu. Maafkan :P

These were taken inside its museum. You just gotta take a pic with the trophy, no? Of course! All the while, I was the most mithali wife - I was made to be the photographer of the entire stadium tour :)

Warning, more pictures of us inside the stadium! No one was playing on the ground - obviously. Nothing was happening whatsoever inside the stadium except for visitors like us making rounds of tour.

The happy couple on Real Madrid turf. A football enthusiast - ask Zukry how to make this happen. I can only gawk at his effort. Hehehe...

Nah, all blue.

Takcukup atas kerusi, bersila pulak. There was this guy who tried to touch the grass - itupun, kena whistled! Mahal rumput tu~

Tukar setting B&W plak. Takde kerja lain dah...

There she goes! Hartini from Malaysia ready to take on the field. Hehehe...

The green against the blue. Perfect color combination. I'm not sure if this works on clothing choice. Too bold for blocking? Don't think it would work. (caption super unrelated to the stadium tour! Hehehe)

Can't help to think that Cristiano Ronaldo must have taken a dip or two inside this jacuzzi. Hehehe.

The happy couple again. Excuse us. This was taken inside the  dressing room. We were guided only by signs with a map. Free to roam anywhere allowed. I think at this stadium, we spent many Euro for a entah-berapa-R size photo.  Ke kat Camp Nou? Ntah pape :P

I think this was after the visit to the estadio. We just want to make sure where to go for our train to Barcelona the very next day. Since the train leave in the morning, we wanted to make sure we knew our routes. That was my only T-shirt for the trip. Bought in KK, before Zukry's 10 KM run aritu. Hehehe (perlu ke gtau? suka hatilah...)

So, I was still unsettled. I feel very secured the entire time we were inside the stadium. But as we walked out of it, I can't help but felt extremely nervous about everyone. I snuggled my sling bag so tightly. Zukry did not give up on Madrid and he tried to make sure I didn't miss out anything good from this place. 

We explored a little bit of the city. We went to see what Retiro Park has to offer. I could only think about my bag at the time, there were so many people - I can not miss anyone that has their eyes on these obvious tourists. 

Look how I tucked my bag under my arm so tightly. It's Longchamp, not a Berkin :P

People watching at Retiro Park. Ada one couple ni, the guy paddled their boat to a 'air pancut' near where we sat. It was such a romantic comedy moment. All laughed and cheered on. The girl basah kuyup, nak turun boat takleh ~

The line to ride on this was really long but people waited, patiently for their turn. Buat kat Titiwangsa ajelah... ada ke?
After about 30 minutes walking and hanging around the lake, Zukry said we have to see Madrid's famous square. We were at Sol - just a few stations away. Mak datuk, lagilah ramai orang! 

There's this picket anti-bull fighting. Relevant, I didn't even think of bull fighting until I saw them. We were in Spain, for god's sake! Huhuhu...
To end our Madrid trip, I bought a belt from Mango. Hehehe. Sempat lagi! Berjaya redah a sea of people, safely :) Toodles Madrid, Ola Barca!

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