Saturday, October 13, 2012

Barcelona Part IV - Camp Nou

After a whole day excavating Gaudi's Wonders, rested well - today, we are going to Barcelona's football pride; Camp Nou!

Are a football enthusiast? If you are, I'm sure you can relate. If you are a wife of a football enthusiast, you can learn to appreciate more on your other half interest in football, so let's go! (Appreciate is not understand, cause after 5 stadiums - takdelah paham semua pn...)

1. Manchester United's Old Trafford - Entered
2. Chelsea's Stamford Bridge
3. Arsenal's Emirates
4. QPR's Loftus Road - Zukry entered when he won the twitter contest
5. Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu Estadio - Entered
6. Futbol Club Barcelona's Camp Nou - Entered

(List ini agak melampau bagi bukan peminat bola sepak)

It's time to check out, as it is our last day in Barcelona. So, after all sorted out - we decided to have breakfast at the hotel's cafe for €5 / pax, just like what we had to pay at Hotel Ferretti, Florence. The spread is the same so cafe latte and croissant again. We left our heavy bags at the hotel, off we go!

We took the Metro to Camp Nou! Futbol Club Barcelona homeground and I can only recognize Messi. Lain-lain, taktau :) The journey was somehow exciting although I have not much to look forward to, really. It was just  a stadium anyway! Hehe.

The process to enter was as usual, like at Casa Batllo; we were provided with a phone-like guide. There was something going on, on the field. Like a friendly match, corporate thing; bottomline a group of people actually were playing!

So the turf was close. Like Santiago Bernabeu, we were free to roam wherever that was allowed and that was our plan.
- changing room
- conference room
- commentator's deck

- a chapel (small but they do pray before playing!)


When the game was over and the turf was open for visitor, we were among the huge crowd heading down! The benches were off limit, unlike Madrid's, not that it matters too much but why? Hehehe...

There was this cool media room. But it was undergoing maintenance, so some cool electronic display were not available. We started exploring from a small space with hanged headphones that plays Barca's song over and over. On the walls, the lyrics of Barca's song in so many languages! Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish and of course, English. None in BM. Barca, Baarccaa, Baaaaarrcaaaa! (Camtulah ending-nya lebih kurang :P)

Next, a room with a long stretch of screens. They played video on FCB, the histories, the victories, how they won 6 titles within a season, many other clips that made me feel 'pentingnya utk support something and stick to it' :)

The tour ended in its museum with sooooooo many trophies! Kasut emas, cups, macam2lah. Around this time, there was a group of OKUs with volunteers. While Zukry wandered around, I was just staring at some of them and well, had to think about Mizan; tears did drop but it was good. It made me think about home and how blessed I am. Ya Allah, segala pujian bagiMu :)

After paying for our picture; yes, taken at the end of the trip - we bid farewell to Camp Nou and hit the town again. We had lunch at another Istanbul Restaurant within La Rambla, ordered veal and lamb with rice. Puas! :) 

A few steps, we get to see another Gaudi's wonder - Palau Guell. Darker art, I would say. Maybe because of its decorative iron gates, balconies. It was quite difficult to take picture in front of the building...

So, after 5 snaps we went souvenir shopping before heading back to the hotel for our bags. Off to the train station!

Next stop, Gare d'Austerlitz Paris, France :)

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