Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Barcelona Part II - The City

So, we are now in Barcelona baybeh! As usual, I get nervous when I'm in a train station. Well, another strange place - we need to learn the system but most of the time, they are the same. Duh! Hehehe.

First thing, let's find our hotel - Hotel Coronado! To tell you the truth, I forced myself to lower my expectation. We've had an OK time in Rome, we love Ferretti Hotel in Florence and Antonio's extra bedroom because he got a plus point for free laundry, and OMG - we survived Madrid's hostel; I got to get ready for this next one :)

Just like previous locations, we just got to turn left when right is clearly the RIGHT way! So, 20 minutes finding our ways, jumpa - Hotel Coronado. Located just about 5 minute walk from the subway! (Sabar jelah...)
Picture cropped from their website but they don't have it in English. So, please google translate yourself. Hehehe...

Here's what the subway looks like. Just a random photo. I don't know, for some reason I was really just happy and have forgotten about Madrid. 

The Room :)
This is how the room looks like. Excuse my tudung bawal. It needs that much of space cause I didn't get to iron any scarves all the while! I highly recommends tudung bawal and a pashmina (for that glam/switch up moment you may have) while backpacking for these reasons:
1. I iron them hard before packing, requires no extra ironing for the whole 10 days! I swear ;)
2. They clean and dry very quickly. Remember, rainy rome excavation? Hehehe.
3. Dressing it up takes at least 5 mins. Don't I look good in most of the pictures. No, you may not answer "You didn't"! Sorry, naik lori :P

So back to the room, we have 2 double beds to ourselves and that is luxurious :) Free wifi in the room, so Hotel Coronado - BIG FAT POINT for that! That means; FACETIME time with family in Ampang!

Jom, we gotta leave the room and check out Barcelona! I'm not sure what was our first station - I need to check with Zukry. He is my mobile map (His iphone & ipad were a lot of help. Thank you, Apple!) But it was the same stretch of road as La Rambla - the famous walk. We found Casa Battlo and Casa Mila - more about these magnificent Gaudi's wonders later!

Casa Battlo

Casa Mila

But you know; to my despair, all luxurious brand boutiques were closed. It's not like I'm gonna buy anything, but it was a Sunday! Shopping time, kot... Huhu. Well, the good thing was; I get to gawk really closely at bags I have my eyes on. Well, those on display lah - The YSL Chyc especially :) Apparently the only shops / boutiques open were Hard Rock Cafe and a shopping complex on a small island just 1 KM walk from a square nearby.

Kids enjoying the birds. This is quite usual picture. These pigeons were everywhere! Hehe

Mad Hatter, having tea with I don't know who. He actually looked like Johnny Depp with all those make-up

Big sized Ice Lemon Tea. Ice Lemon Tea is like Teh Botol in Indonesia. We have them in bottles, cup, small, big, that's  our go-to drink. Besides cafe latte in the morning.
La Rambla~
So, we strolled along the whole stretch of La Rambla. There were a lot of people! A sea of what I can see most; tourist. Too many souvenir stores that we didn't care to check out (yet!) and suddenly, we came across a store named 'Kuala Lumpur' - extremely surprised! (Maktam whatsapp me two days after about this shop! There was an article about it in the newspaper - how the owner visited KL and liked 'Kuala Lumpur' then, named her store 'Kuala Lumpur'! Huhu) The store sells clothes and others. We didn't check it out.
I'm in front of Kuala Lumpur!

I love this picture. A few minutes hanging out time isn't complete without a nice picture.
After a brief stop at the shopping complex (I think we had Fish Burger at Burger King), we think we have enough time to check out the 'Nude Beach'. Hehehe... So off we went but the long and wide beach was empty (almost) The feeling was 'relieved-noone-was-naked-but-bummer,-did-not-get-to-experience-something-random-like-that-too' - ha, cane tu? Hihi. Since no one was around, the stroll was really just between Zukry and I. That was intimate. The beach reminded us about Yuna's Decorate videoclip. So, we made one :P

Cantik kan? :)
Fixed benches. 

Obviously Happy :)

The End for Part II
I feel like this Part 1 is too long :) We'll continue in another post. 
Next up, Antoni Gaudi.

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