Sunday, October 7, 2012

Barcelona Part I - RENFE, First Class

Ola! Let's continue the journey to another part of Spain, very famous vacation spot - Barcelona. I was excited to get out off Madrid. I have marked that place - I have no plus points to give. But that was just me... We went straight to Madrid Puerta De Atocha, we were just 2 stations away from our hostel. Sometimes, while we were in the train - street performer would sing for money. One time, the famous 'kopi dangdut' was on and Zukry took video. I would like to think that the song originated there...

Our gate was not open when we arrived, so we decided to have breakfast (at this time, we didn't know what sort of condiments we would get from the train trolley) The usual breakfast, plain croissant / choc au pain with cafe latte at a 24 hours joint in the station - of course we chose that place for its free wifi!

Less than 20 minutes wait, time to board - RENFE first class baybeh! As usual, we were the casually dressed with heavy bag-packs on while the rest except for another one or two; looking sharp in suits. The first 30 minutes ride, we stopped at a few stations for more passengers and by this time, we noticed - we have stewards!

Among the views we get to enjoy :) 

The first thing they provided was earphones in a cute pouch. For watching TV. No, no individual screen - just the usual screen like what we had in our bus. Patrick Damsey movie was on - the one about who's robbing the bank?

The steward came again, handing out menu for breakfast! I was excited, this feels like Qatar Airways again :) They were serving potato which looked like popiah, scramble egg with carrots and another menu that came with sausages. So, the potato and egg lah. Then, they came with trolley that filled with choices of bread, among others. I had to order cafe latte! Tiny bottle of olive oil, jam and butter accompanied my choice, croissant (panas lagi - yum!) and a hard weirdly shaped bun. Huhu.

There were a few more trolley goodies!
- refilled coffee :)
- newspaper
- Biscuits
- Lindt milk chocolate

We were thrilled, we thought it was the greatest train ride so far!!! We paid zilch for the service we thought was awesome. Well, we paid for the ticket - probably it was already included but ahhh, whatever!

Barcelona, we have arrived. After the goodbyes - to the stewards (BTW, they were in their 40s, neatly dressed. Bukan muda-mudi), we headed straight to our hotel. A hotel! Oh yeah ~

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