Thursday, September 27, 2012

September is almost over

Today, I had my ACD.

I would like to think that it went well. I had a good vibe from the assessors. If that was not the case for them, syok sendirilah nampaknye.

This weekend, is another traveling weekend for me. Having just came back from a training last week. Hey that reminds me, all actually fits together. Timing to be upgraded to the next level was somehow really just perfect. Over with training and ACD. Tunggu result.

Back to the traveling weekend, I'm off for Labuan on Saturday. Since Zukry has moved into a bigger house with 3 other guys, I'm going to spend a night stay at a hotel. Of courselah with him too! So, at the moment, I'm thinking about swimming... This may be the last weekend / trip to Labuan for me. I hope to leave the island, bring Zukry out of it too insyaAllah soon.


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