Friday, September 21, 2012

Picture: London 2011/2012

This was in my draft mode since early 2012... :) Tak abis pun, tapi rugi plak kalo tak post. So enjoy yeah~

While I'm on the blogspot page, why not throw a few pictures from my trip to London 2011/2012. I may not post all, but hopefully I will cover the important ones. If you have me on FB, you should be able to see more pictures there - although still, not all. Huhuhu...

You will see me always in only two winter jackets, a red one and a yellow one with scarves that I repeatedly used according to my comfort. But you also have to know that I actually dressed up, it's just that - it's Winter and I needed the jacket. Booo!

You know, Zukry was playing host when we were at Loftus Road. He was just there 2 weeks earlier for the Director's Box seat. So, that's me - unashamedly grinning in front of the stadium; trying to fell what it's like to be on an EPL stadium on a game day. That particular day, QPR was supposed to beat Norwich City but unfortunately, that didn't happen...

Another visit to yet, a stadium. This time, at the Gunners. Emirates Stadium, the home of Arsenal. We were from Burberry Outlet near by, just a few stations away.

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