Sunday, September 30, 2012

Easyjet brought us to Madrid

Easyjet - our first budget airline within Europe. All 3 euro-ventures we had so far, train has been our mean of transportation. We bought the ticket probably about 2 months before our trip, after we have confirmed our 5 days travel pass for Eurail. 
  1. Rome - Florence
  2. Florence - Venice 
  3. Venice - Milan
  4. Madrid - Barcelona,
  5. Barcelona - Paris, France ( the night train) more about this, later. 
It was a 2 hours 25 minutes flight, just like Zukry's flight from KL to Labuan :) Free seating, so that made me a little nervous. In case, we didn't get to sit together. But I guess as we were in the middle of the long queue, a few rows of seats left when we boarded. 

A guy dressed in a superman suit, (I think he lost his bet) boarded the plane with us too. The attendant announced that "Superman is on board"! Everyone cheered. Hehehe... We looked through their magazine, tempted to order something, we spent €5 for the simcard that we barely had to use.

We arrived in Madrid like an hour or so before the night fall. The walk to the subway station felt like a long one even though it was within the airport. After a few, "hello, how-tos", we paid for two tickets at the main counter - worried the machine won't be at help much; but the girl only gave us 1 ticket! Tipu~ Desperate to be at the budget hostel area fast, we were bothered but malas want to go and make a scene to complaint. 

Ha, ini cerita yang menyebabkan I taksuka Madrid. I was almost Alhamdulillah just ALMOST pick-pocketted! Geram plak mengingatkan that time. I was with my backpack, my sling bag where all the important stuffs were (camera, travel purse for our passports, another purse for my euros and my loyal Coach purse where my credit cards and RMs were in) and a cabin bag where I put my sling bag onto. 

Tengah duk leka tengok where we were and how many more stations we had to pass, sorang minah ni menghimpit. Ingatkan dia nak keluar cause I was near the door. I gave way and smiled, she just geleng kepala. Pastu, datang plak a guy asking if I'm Italian trying to find his way. Damn it, do I look like an Italian? With a bawal scarf on, seriously?! I geleng2 kepala, decided to move behind and find Zukry; time tu I nampak the hand of that minah was inside my unzip Longchamp sling bag! Ting-tong, the door opened; she panicked and left with her entourage. Rasa nak  bagi penampor pn ada instead I reported to Zukry hoping for some sympathy. Nothing lost but I started to hate ke? Harsh sangat... Dislike lah, the place. 

The episode of finding our hostel was somewhat scary because it was at night, the hostel was on the first floor, there were people still hanging out drinking but we took the wrong turn. As usual, we had to loose our way before we found the right one! The guy who greeted us was somewhat menakutkan too. Huhuhu... He was with a garang face and 'Ola!'.

It was a basic room with two single beds and a toilet in the room. Not fancy at all. We just tawakal and drank water from the sink, even made Maggie mee and 3in1 milo with the hot tap water. Just went tido to get ready for Madrid excavation the next day starting with Estadio Santiago Bernabeu! 

My Zukry in the bus from a station to another. We were in Milan just for a few hours. Most of the time, having lunch in a McDonald's :P 

Most of the luggage were with him. I was with another backpack and obviously a camera. Check-in for our easyjet flight to Espana... OMG, we went to Spain (Craaaazzeeeyyyy!)

That's the flight to Madrid. The usual check in, nothing too unusual. We were already checked in, but the luggage need to be too. So, off we went waiting in a long line.

Our usual entertainment kit. The new Ipad. We got the seats to ourselves. So alhamdulillah...

Here's the simcard that did nothing whatsoever to us. We need to explore on about roaming. Maxis wasn't much of a help during our time there. Mahal~

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