Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rome, Italy

Rome is almost over. I'm typing on iPhone note while sipping cafe latte at moka - a food court in Termini. We just had our first Italian meal - pasta al-pomodoro for Zukry and Pasta Salmone+ Rucola for me. Both veggie and seafood base... They were OK, nothing exciting. The most is just the fact we're brave enough to try...

So, what do I think about Rome?

We can't help it, we love London more... Our first day was almost ruin by an incident. There was this boy trying to find his way but he asked us in Italian so I thought if you're local; why ask us? Who BTW were trying to find our B&B. The drama started when a police ( or is it not? Cause he's not wearing his uniform, just showed his police ID ) stopped us and asking to see our ID and money - in case we have exchanged them for drugs! Syukur, Ya Allah I showed them what's in my purse - the RMs! So the 'police' let us go... 5 minutes after, we arrived at the so called B&B... Alhamdulillah!

The B&B as what it is called in Agoda, is just a flat run a guy 'Joseph' who rent his 3 bedrooms and provide simple breakfast at 8AM every morning. The room is small, tiny with a bunk bed, a 1 door cupboard and a fan. The WC is clean so that's a definite plus but all other things like the kitchen and dining table - as what he wrote on them "No Use" which I believe means "Don't Use" ;)

Rome truly starts when we went out after about 2 hours of rest and refresh. Come to think of it, it's not exactly Rome as we went exploring Vatican City first. We already bought our Roma Daily Pass, so train ride was no problem.

As we were walking towards the Basilica St Pietra, banyaknya org Bangladesh and Hitam trying to sell their fake stuffs - handbags, purses, etc. But as the authority drives along the way, they pack and run for hiding (kononnya); within minutes after the car went off, they start again - and this goes on and on and on... ) We watched while having gelato at one of the cafeteria on the sidewalk.

Vatican City, a holy place for Christians and the queue to enter was as long as we-don't-have-the-patience-to-wait kind. So we took pictures. From the outside, it's majestic. I thought "so this is where the pope lives!" The Sunday Mass obviously is over by the time we arrived... So we couldn't really see what going on except for the long queue to enter...

We then decided to not enter but only at that time cause we came back feeling it is somewhat not right for us not to go in as we are already in the area! Rugi. But honestly, behind the magnificent statues and painting, this was just a church where Christians pray...

The day wasn't over even though our feet were killing us. Thank you for the Asics bought in London earlier this year, it wasn't as bad. So we explored a little bit more. Next was the Spanish Steps - ramainya orang (again)!

Take pictures. Decided to stroll along a street that locates most of designers boutique and entered Furla. I got really frustrated to finally find out how Candy Bag feels like. It's damn heavy! I know it's made from plastic, of too good quality - on it's own is already maybe little less than 1 KG! Think water hose use at your house, the thick one - ha, camtulah material dia!

Monday is all about the famous ruins of Rome. We explored Colosseum, Palatino and Roman Foro. We were already with tickets bought online, but I thought hey, let's get the audio guide for additional information on the self- tour we were about to do. Additional €6 for the iPod guide.

As we are finally done with Colosseum; that is about 2 hours of taking pictures of different angles and views, reading and listening to the guide/info board, it starts to drizzle. More picture-takings outside, and it finally rain. I don't know it was out-of-spite or simply refusing business from the so-many-Banglas that it becomes irritating; I rather went soaking wet than buy their umbrella/raincoat! I guess, when people glared they must be thinking "dia pakai tudung, OKlah" Haha, pepandai!

So off we went exploring Palatino and Foro Roman in the rain ;) After a good walk in the rain, our lunch - halal nasi beriyani daging nearby Termini Stazione. Then, head back to the small room for a rest and refresh. To continue, we head straight to Vatican City to enter the Church of the whole World!

Like I said, nothing much just beautiful painting and statues made from way back when. After a few minutes, we were uncomfortable. A prayer was going on (not lead by the pop BTW), so we left.

The third day in Rome, we were on a roll! Rushing through time to get to some of the other attractions like the Pantheon, Piazzale Novona, another trip to Fonti De Trevi and searching for souvenirs ;) We bought posters for our new houses... Then head back to our room for the bags before our first trip of the Eurail Experience - From Termini, Roma to Santa Maria Novella Stazione, Firenze.

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