Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kuala Lumpur - Doha - Rome :)

Packing makes me nervous.

A little guilt of leaving behind work.
A jolt of excitement of seeing yet another part of the world with Zukry.

3 in 1 of Nescafe... is it really necessary? I want to be able to drink real coffee. I bet they are many likes of Starbucks, CBTL cafes, etc. there. So, really - do i need these 10 sachets of Nescafe? Milo on the other hand - despite the many hot chocolate i could be indulging too, I feel it is somewhat necessary :)

Serkup - Is 3 enough? Well, plus another; the one I'll be wearing back from my trip Miri - KL. I'll be wearing it all day long EVERY DAY! So how many is enough?Don't you suggest I won't be needing it! Believe me, I NEED them... Important to avoid hijab fashion mishaps! (I boleh buat satu dedicated post pasal serkup sahaja... How they have evolved, NOT!)

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