Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Feeling kinda Urgh!

I have come to that time, to finally deciding to own a house. I have been toying with the idea since forever, and the fact that I am actually opening up that new decade of life in 6 months or so got me worried about starting too late...

It's frustrating to find that you can't afford most of the new properties near my housing area in KL. But that's no surprise, just that it's an anticipated bad news that you just don't want to accept but just got to. Boo! Last year, when I look at RM500,000 worth of house - I feel like "don't worry, you can..." Now, terketar-ketar rasanya...

Everytime I open my monthly budget excel file, together with Zukry's, I feel like "What am doing here alone in Miri?" i could have save minimum of RM2000 just on the usual bills and house rent if we were to stay together... It's our favourite topic nowadays. Well, probably not ours but mine specifically. Blergh!

Did you know that I was offered to join Sabah team in Kote Kinabalu? Nothing is cast on stone yet but I saw an email about it. I saw the request email shared by a colleague. I don't know what to expect from it but I just hope whatever comes next is the very best; there is. But that's pasrah right...? I gotta put effort!

Anyways, plan to wake up early tomorrow. A better start!

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