Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bring it on!

10 more days and I am just so swarmed with responsibilities, bloom to a another level of "growing up" - tell about this, much later insyaAllah... and many moments of slight guilt about oh-so-many-other things; I can't even taste the excitement! (Well, now I can. Writing about it helps!) That 10 more days is towards our getaway. This time even bigger, even riskier, even more adventurous. But is it? I'm glad most of the big expenses are already made.

  • Flight tickets - We are going by Qatar Airways. This is my second time, the first one was way back when we went to Jakarta. Longer hours, so I have little expectation but not much. After 5 years of working with enough HLPs and business travels, I've managed to redeem my Enrich Miles for a one-way ticket for two (2)! Afterwards, I was left with only about 51 points. Hehe...
  • Eurail tickets - Many thanks to my ex-housemate, Izza who studied them hard last year to get on which trains, what time and where. Ours arrived safely at Zukry's workplace. Some groundwork on reservation of seats and bunk beds for the night train can only be done once we reach Euroland; so that's KIV-ed for now...
  • Accommodations. Well, only one requires cash upon check out but the rest insyaAllah taken care of. The guesthouse Izza recommended in Venice - that's one unsettle - Remember to have enough cash!
  • Currency exchanged. Had them changed in April. That week that I go back for 'sesaje'...
I have been to most of the places we planned this time. I was in Milan & Venice twice in 2006, been to Pisa to see the 'menara condong' and see a little of Florence - I think it was only the Duomo and I walked around a bit but at night, so I didn't get to really enjoy it.

In the middle of Milan Piazza del Duomo

Pisa Leaning Tower at dawn

(Notice the same blouse, I was from Geneva - singgah Milan - then straight to find this tower in Pisa. We drove... Well, I didn't but I was in the car :P)

San Marco Piazza, Venice

So hopefully, with that little experience - I could make things a little bit easier for us (Sekali I yang confuse over2 kang! huhu)

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