Thursday, February 9, 2012

February and Me, so far

Hey, sorry to have been leaving the blog for about a month now. Happy February – 10 days not-too-late! How’s the resolution for the year going? I didn’t really have mine; it was a bit of a relief not having the pressure to not succeed in anything but it kind of suck as well because you don’t know what you want for the year too. Well, I guess – same old, same old. What I want is just to be a better person in general – note to self: got to specify things to improve in my journal.

So, what I have been up to lately. At the moment, I’m missing KL and Zukry. It’s not a good combo as both are hundreds kilometres away, that made it suck-ier. Is there such word? SUCKIER. Heh! But we did enjoy our stay in KL for Chinese New Year late Jan. A little birthday celebration, a lot of helping out Kaklong for her wedding – whatever we were assigned with and just a 4 days-stay-at-home break.

We were assigned for the rosette or ‘buttonaire’ for the ‘penanggah’. The other assignment is the decorations for the cars of the 2 couples, which will be requiring Zukry’s service as one of the drivers. Aik, macam sket aje – but after 150 flower modified, berbangga jugaklah dengan hasilnya. You guys belum tengok what my Kak Ngah (that’s my cousin) made for Hantaran! Bravo!

I spent a good amount of money (justifying self!) on books at Kinokuniya. Who have better books selection if not Kinokuniya! What did I buy? Let’s see... 3 sewing books that comes with patterns including one from Cath Kidston with the necessities to create a Cath Kidston bag which I didn’t get to buy in London and another from Burdastyle. Yes, from the Burdastyle – the website which shares free patterns online! There are a lot of great pictures of simple projects in the book. Next, Julie and Julia the novel which assist the cooking fever I had immediately after (I haven’t finish reading it) and a couple of motivational stuffs (on handling stress & managing people)

In the process of clearing up debt from my London trip (which is all cleared by the way! Yeay...~) I actually bought 2 other things online. Boo, Teeny! I received it, and paid full – no debt whatsoever. Seriously... I just recently had a makan2 at my house – invited a few friends over and made Nasi Mandy / Mandi / Mandhi – whatever. It tasted OK. The rice and the chicken, the others were contribution from others. Desserts, Dhal from Visu, Muffins from Kak Adda, etc. It’s a different feeling to be home alone on weekdays, together with Zukry on weekends and a few more friends once in a while. Miri can be so fulfilling at times, and not-so at many other times... Let’s not go there, Alhamdulillah for EVERYTHING Ya Allah :)