Thursday, January 12, 2012

Something to walk on this 2012

I have a list of things to buy before we leave for London. I know many things will fit me better with whatever they have to offer :) Sorry Malaysia, but the have my size! I need to not grow my feet but they did... Huhu. One of the many things were Clarks shoe. No other (but I did bought one from Primark too. I thought it's rather cheap, comfy and most importantly not pig-skin-lining.

So among all things on the sale rack, in my size I just can go and run for them... I just got to go to the new arrivals. Berlagak kan? But seriously, I just don't have the heart to choose the off season ones... I pick these instead :)

I think they are good buys. I haven't rock the sandal, will do tomorrow insyaAllah :)


Sarah said...

Love the sandals! :)

Harteeny said...

Kan? Tapi not that great to office kot... :)