Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why We Went for a Getaway in London

Good evening readers.

I was fallen into sleep right after I came back from work... Awaken by an SMS from husband, now I feel like I can't sleep. Hopefully just for a little while longer. I need to get up early tomorrow! I must! Early means, maximum - at 0600 Hours. Thank you :)

OK, to let out of my system - I want to tell you how we ended up having a getaway to London (again). We were there for THE HONEYMOON in 2010, not that long ago - and at that time I remember agreeing with Zukry that we should do London again... if time and all other things permit. So, if I can stay sane for the next 20 minutes, I should be able to finish this write up. Oh, and I haven't been writing properly in my journal about this, so might as well...

It came about when Zukry received a notification email from Airasia regarding its change on London Airport from Stansted to Gatwick; where it came with promotion priced ticket! I think a what was offered was RM599++ (I think!) So, he calculated two tickets with food & luggage, it came about to RM 2400ish / pax. He got excited, PM-ed me about it. Well, I can't say NO when the husband had already suggested it, can I? :P

But the price increase a bit the next day, Zukry was then unsure. Taklah byk sgt... about RM100+. So he was contemplating. He was giving all sort of other reasons, we should not take up the "GOING" decision. It's too fast, we had our Kinabalu and Singapore trips, we had this, that... nak balik KL, kampung and macam2 others lah. So I provoked :P (The ticket we got for Gulf Air in 2010 was RM3300ish rasanya)

"Ha, tak berani lah tu nak take chances. Beli jelah... We'll sort out other stuffs. I dare you"
(Lebih kurang lah. Note that I called him at his office to say this!)

On the same day, he bought the tickets. Total of RM 2600/pax. He arranged the food so that one would get an international dish while the other a Malaysian ones. For return, twice servings per flight. Luggage, he brilliantly added 15 Kg for the return ticket. This happened with very minimal Teeny's advice :) A big lesson learnt from our 2010 trip :) He knows which means he too contributed in the shopping department. Hehehe...

OK, tu jelah. I may not have write this up so dramatically as it happened. But it happened. We bought the ticket in October. Had a big Excel File of our planning.
  • A tab for schedule - down to what to wear daily, which I only filled up to 3rd day... the remaining days I was supposed to be wearing things that I bought on 1-2-3 day. Hihihi.
  • A tab for things we have bought. Example: Train tickets like Gatwick Express (similar to our ERL), National rail tickets for our trip to Oxford & Bicester Town (for Bicester Village), Musicals ticket that we bought online too etc.
  • A tab on things we should be consider like Ice Skating at Winter Wonderland Hyde Park...
  • A tab for budget. What we have paid earlier, what we have to pay... and a little table for my shopping which include one luxury item that I finally decided not to use.
To make it all more exciting, Zukry won a trip to London exactly 2 weeks before our planned trip happen. So it was a good preparation where he get to advise on whether I could tolerate the weather, how long it takes from Gatwick to Victoria, getting around Bayswater cause that's where he stayed, etc.

Best, kan? I think so too ;)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Teeny's Facial Stuffs

I’m not such a girly girl when it comes ‘mendandan’ diri. Well, to start with; perfect complexion was never me. And as soon as puberty hits – pimples can be categorized as one of my close friends ;) I remember using all sort of products starting from; of course, Johnsons’ Clean & Clear, susu kambing ones lah... macam2. I guess, Mak lah ajar kot. Mak bought me a set from Shaklee – takingat dah ape ntah nama set product dia in 2006 and then continued with Clinique in 2007 (yes, masa tu i dah kerja. It was birthday present :D)

It comes like this in a box 'poslaju'-d to me in Miri complete with a shoulder bag - you know, the usual complimentary thing...

I also at one point of time used Lancome. I bought a whole set at Eraman, KLIA. But unfortunately, I lost its moisturizer. I don't know how that happened, but when I got home in Miri - I had that thought of missing something. Only realized it was the moisturizer a few days after... The thing is, the moisturizer is usually the most expensive compared to the cleanser & toner, together!
The missing moisturizer :(
No wonder, for a while I was super stressed (Yeah, right! :P)

And then, came Biotherm. If not mistaken I actually use the moisturizer twice. Once with the Lancome set and another time, a complete Biotherm set. I actually love the smell of Pore Reducer Moisturizer from Biotherm ni. I guess, since I brought it to London in 2010 - everytime i put in on here in Malaysia, brings back memory. Boleh gitu? :) The first trip in 2010, we knew to put extra moisturizer on all over our body because it was summer and the humidity kan low kat sana compared to here. It was a big deal applying body lotion, chapstick, face moisturizer...

After a few months (not long) trying on to things like Clean & Clear, Simple - over Giant, Watson's, Guardian product - now I’m using Clarins. Nak kata loyal, takdelah... but a repeat customer lah. Just a started last year, and bought another set just earlier this month.

The first set I bought at Parkson KLCC. RM500 + jugaklah... well as usual, it comes with a few miniature stuffs. (Read: Miniature ye) I was a satisfied customer. Nak describe feeling it brings tu - taklah significant sangat... But so far, OK. I like their moisturizer too. Sampai licin the whole bottle :) My problem with oily face tu probably lessen due to air-conditioned office. I didn't use the toner, cause Mak gave me Murad to use. So I kept Clarins toner for the next set.

The second set I bought at Harrods, London :) I feel satisfied buying product worth about RM370 for the cleanser, moisturizer and this time, additional scrub! I thought it was a bargain! Plus, I was given a few of other stuffs too and there are not miniatures! They includes a hydra-quench serum, travel sized scrub, body lotion, body scrub with a mascara and two make-up bags! (not in picture)

All that for less what I paid for the first time! BEST :) and it's a different feeling altogether when you walk around London with a Harrods plastic bag. Kan? :) (In my case, there were 2 plastic bags. One with Mak's Longchamp... Hehe) OKlah, tu je. Taktau kenapa semangat nak tulis pasal facial stuffs that I have been using :) Muka sama aje. Manis... Haha!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Something to walk on this 2012

I have a list of things to buy before we leave for London. I know many things will fit me better with whatever they have to offer :) Sorry Malaysia, but the have my size! I need to not grow my feet but they did... Huhu. One of the many things were Clarks shoe. No other (but I did bought one from Primark too. I thought it's rather cheap, comfy and most importantly not pig-skin-lining.

So among all things on the sale rack, in my size I just can go and run for them... I just got to go to the new arrivals. Berlagak kan? But seriously, I just don't have the heart to choose the off season ones... I pick these instead :)

I think they are good buys. I haven't rock the sandal, will do tomorrow insyaAllah :)

Zukry in The Star!

Teeny, proud wife :)

P/S: Read the article. We draft the whole thing :) It's true about he telling me that night, but it was a phone call. It's not that I was there with him :(

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 in London :)

I'm turning another year wiser this Saturday... My last twenties and it is going to be the best year! A week has passed the new year 2012, a week holiday is over and I still have a lot to look forward to...

London was as awesome as i remember from my 2010 trip. This was my second trip and Zukry's third after his unexpected QPR vs. MU Directors Box all expense ticket from a simple twitter competition by Tony Fernandes. Read his post about his trip here.

I really donno how to start writing again this new year. It's been a while since i really write stuffs. Before anything, A very good new year to all readers. I shall come back. Very soon!