Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

Not sure what or how to feel these few days. So many things happenings around me. To me, to others, to everything... at one time, I could feel a sudden joy and disappointment. (now Adele's Someone Like You is on MTV~ sadisnya walaupun lagu ini tidak memberi sebarang makna to my current life...)

Anyway, another 2 days working before my short holiday begins! This Friday - my best friend in the whole wide world, Mawarni is getting married. Yeay! Ustaz Nazri nama bakalnya whom I have not met and frankly a little nervous about because he's not our age and he's an ustaz :) I'm ready to rock my baju kurung yang mahal nak mampos tapi hanya utk cutting~ seriously overpriced and matching selendang which was also a tad too expensive for a little work done... But whatever...! Yang penting, I'm going... Over2 sangat kang, bukan wedding den! :)

My cousin who was just booked is getting married this February and I'm glad to be involved as much as she was with mine a few years back! (Wah, dah lama ke?) It was confirmed that I'll be in charge with:

Flower girls' crown/head piece
Wedding Cars Deco
Rosette for families

BESTNYA GOOGLE-ing for wedding stuffs! :)

For something that's getting nearer, Kota London awaits! Winter, bring it on!

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Apis Hilton said...

post lah look for baju kurung nnt..;)