Sunday, October 30, 2011

ROM-COM on Sunday!

I was totally obsessed with finding "Notting Hill" & "Love Actually" for that piece of bumi England :) Notting Hill has never fail me. Love is out there, really. For all those who's searching for your other half, believe and those with one, put efforts to make it bloom everyday :)

I've not been to Notting Hill, and almost definitely will if I get to go to London again. I know that the Travel Book Shop is not there, nor will be William Thacker's blue door flat (or ada sebenarnya? hmmm... must go google and find out :P)

Next up is "Love Actually" - see bits and pieces of London and dream of where to go this lovely Sunday. (Hujan, so kurang sket rasa kepanasan... Alhamdulillah)

I really should be finishing up my appraisal!!! I have thoughts in mind yang belum dilist inside the system. Hope to start and finish it somehow. But what about another Rom-com? :P


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