Thursday, September 22, 2011

Post Raya

tomorrow is a holiday! it's the in lieu of sarawak tyt's birthday on saturday. by the way, this saturday i'm inviting some of my friends over to my house for makan-makan raya ;) i had my freak out moment yesterday, maybe to be continued later after work.

things to do include:
-kemas rumah (done)
-kemas rumah
-kemas rumah
-shop for ingredients for lontong and nasi lemak (yes, i'll be serving that. wish me all the luck in the world!)
-re-arrange furniture sket2. not much space left but yeah, still need to rearrange. if i could throw away current sofa and bring in a new one would be perfect but that's too much for now. hehehe.
-beli tilam coz mizan is visiting next week! yahoo! or should i frown? huhu... more to yahoo! coz i have teman when i go back home after work! yeayyyyy!

hopefully taklupa utk ambil2 gambar coz jarang jemput org dtg rumah. except for maybe kaklaila and the imans. shout out to them! hello sg petani! ;)

oklah, tu je.

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