Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hosting a small party :)

Hi reader :) What do you have for 'minum petang' this hot & sunny Sunday? We are having vacuumed keropok lekor. Sedap! Especially when it's hot and crispy. Hehehe... I'm glad that today was productive. Despite the 'waking up late', we managed to do what were planned. Which were:

- to pick up all comforters at the laundry (RM78 for all 5 of them)
- have a quick hair trim and pampered self to a good shampoo complete with a head and shoulder massage. In my case, the stylist gave me a hand massage too! I'm glad I complaint about her using nails on my scalp because she actually did a really good job without!

- buy Mizan's mattress! Invested to another Dreamland product with a divan on clearance sale. I hope single is OK with Mizan as the super single comes with a much expensive divan :S I'm so excited about him coming over! Wonder how my days will be like with him around... Masa menganggur dulu, pernah bagi dia facial depan TV! Haha!

Our things-to-do was kept at minimal today. I for one, have had a tremendous weekend even before Sunday came today :) Yesterday, I hosted a mini jamuan raya for a few of my close friends / colleagues. After about 2 months living on my own, I think I've got the hang of 'having my own place' (even if it's not mine per se) I however, ter-went over and beyond on the spread. I decided to have lontong and nasi lemak when I sent out the invitation, and adding Soto last minute cause I thought my choice was a bit too santan-ish.

Look at that... Menarik, kan? Sambal sotong is under the tudung saji. Begedil was courtesy of Zukry's hard work. I'm proud of my Lontong although it was not as popular as I thought it would be! Huhuhu... And as you can see, my collection of tupperwares were put on display and they are indeed very helpful and put more colors on the table.

The soto and nasi lemak on another side of my small dining area.

Cleaning up was a major job! I had all put away, realizing I have so much stuffs! Too much if I may say. Much to a disappointing note, all were clothes that I couldn't fit in but still keeping them for 'motivation' to shrink self down. Yeah, right. It was all over the place, on the sofa, on the floor in my room, hanging on the doors of my closets. Everywhere! Same goes to my head scarves!!! Banyak
gile OK. Yes, you can see them hang nicely on my IKEA hangers, but I actually have more inside a pail that i put away in the back room :P

All in all - it was indeed a productive weekend. Hoping for more productive days ahead! Enjoy the remaining of your Sunday everyone! :) Toodles.

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