Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Hot!

I have noticed that the weather nowadays are more likely to give you sunburn if not panting for water. PANAS! Usually, I feel like it's hotter somehow during Ramadhan but this time it started way earlier.

I berpeluh too fast. I feel like having another round of bath just everytime I finished house chores. Like these two weekends, were the weekends we get to spend together at my newly emptied house (Well, rumah tak kosong - lah) which is cool cause I finally get to feel how it is if we were to live together insyaAllah soon...

I shouldn't be complaining with the amount of time Zukry spent in front of the TV, if not for football then it's PS3 playing football - as he hasn't get the chance to do it in Labuan kan. So, dalam pada takbagi can - bagi jugak... So while that is happening I'll be scrubbing off bathroom floors, rearranging furniture, masak, doing the dishes, kerja2 rumahlah... Taktipu! Macam tipu, cause this is rare... but sempena Ramadhan ni, taktipu! :) Our back yard is now clean! No more lalang, hopefully in these few weeks time. Dah tebas, bako and racun! Hehehe... proud! Tapi BRAVO tu Zukry for all his hardwork. I contribute beli cangkul, buat air, provide lighter utk bako lalang kering. Hehe...

Anyway, back to cerita panas tadi. Ha, memang musim berpeluhlah. At these times, i miss my room at home. Ada aircond :) sini, serba sederhana. nak aircond, tapi taknak bayo bill - camne?

So, first day turn out OK. Did all that I plan and want to do. Onto tomorrow, and the rest of Ramadhan ... Toodles


Anonymous said...

baby bersyukur duduk rumah eventho kena layan abg mizan.blurgh.n kena tolong mak basuh pinggan n masak.n also kena dengar mak complaint.also at least mak belikan mesin jahit n bapak byr yuran sewing class.nak tak nak,kiter kena ikhlas tolong ibu bapa dan adik beradik kite.eceyyyy!
i love you emak n bapak.n also ma siblings.yeay!

from ur gorgeous sister :P

Harteeny said...

Kalo bersyukur, ucaplah... alhamdulillah. Bukan complaint about what's going on, B.

Anyway, I'm glad you get to finally learn how to sew. Use up the sewing machine to the max and the classes too. It will teach you patience (I can tell you that - kita boleh ukur dgn berapa project yang bakal anda siapkan nanti)

Can't wait for Mizan to stay here. I hope it'll be a good change. Hopefully you'd appreciate him more once he's away... :)