Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Read. Make it a hobby!

I'm glad that I managed to finish a book last week. It was the Shopaholics series by Sophia Kinsella :) Nothing heavy. I haven't been reading or finish up all the books I started.

I'm now on another chic lit, Girl on The Run. A story about a girl who find running fun with a little motivation from super cute Running Club president. I have this huge hope to start running; hopefully to accompany Zukry during his rounds practicing for Feel Good Run in July and doing it for real - me.

Read the book's review here.

You know, reading these books is a real pleasure. I forgot how I have so much wonderment that I haven't explore since I last complete a whole book. It was more of imagining a place, specifically in these books; England. I don't know every street in London, or any other place in England - Liverpool / Manchester - whatever. Now that I've been to London, I get more ideas on what to wonder.

Like Harry Potter, without the movie; i probably would have imagine Hermione Granger to be super nerd and never like Emma Watson - seriously! Mgkn rambut Hermione will forever be kembang. Huhu...

On to planning our next trip, maybe I should start reading books on places I planned to visit. Tapi, ada ke? Lainlah if the place is New York kan. But nah... not going there yet. Maybe lllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttteeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr in life ;)

So, yeah.