Sunday, April 17, 2011


So the birthday is over. A lunch, a failed movie plan (the theater tutup!) and a game to end it. (MU kalah...) That's how Zukry wanted his birthday, I have nothing else but gratitude over needing to not worry about it even a little bit :) A pair of shoe is what he's asking, for the ultimate resolution of the year. Thus, a pair of shoe is what he's getting next week insyaAllah.

Oh, Kuala Lumpur - kota seribu satu... We're coming back! :) For our birthday presents... Zukry has not been out of Borneo since February - I think this is a good break. More for him even though time is very-the-limited; of course for me as well. Hopefully, with nothing plan - I still can get to do what I wanted during my stay soon. (Khabarnya ada meeting kena attend; mgkn even travelling will be a day earlier! Tp tengok dululah cenggane)

Enrich points. The other day, I suddenly have the urge to find out how much enrich points i have gotten so far. All my travelling (business mostly) must have given me a load of points, so let's shop for a ticket for yet another trip. Maybe for 2011 ! (SILAP! ---2012!) :P Teeny travels! Well, until end of the year; i hope to have enough for a return trip to _ _ _ _ _. I'm not sure MAS travels there though. A lot of homework to be done. Anyways,to date my points is at about 2/3 secured for return trip to London (on promo). So; OK sangat dah tu. Hehehe... Tak abis2.

Rumah kat Miri. This is not a surprise, I knew it will happen soon. In fact, the fact in didn't happen sooner is a surpirse! Izza dah keluarkan hasrat utk move out... So, to live alone or not - eee, takutnya nak duduk sorang... cenggane eh?


bride2wife said...

Travel? Bestnya...fill up the blank tu la teeny. Tak nak la secret2... ;p

Harteeny said...

Dang3... Mana ada. Menulis your dream is a step to achieve it. Haha... silap i tulis tu.. bukan 2011, 2012... terover excited kejap. huhu. U blum abis citer ur trip. cenggane i nak gi sana plak...