Sunday, April 24, 2011

Had a Good Friday

The long weekend went by pretty quickly. Now while waiting for my flight, had just said my goodbye to Zukry, feeling quite insecure having no handphone as i left mine at home (in the kitchen, charging) I just to go online... Biasalah, free for 2 hours kan? :)

I bought Zukry, his birthday present . A pair of ASICS running shoes. Harap2 menjadi pembakar semangat utk menang (finish - lah.. bukan menang) all the runs he registered this year. Coming back this July for his first :) While I, on the other hand get to meet my dearest friend, Warniey (Shout out to her! Takcukuplah somehow... I ada cerita jugak, tapi cam yours lagi gempaklah kan... hehehe) Onto buying stuffs, I got my essentials covered. Tu ajelah... Dapat one Chinos too. Must save up for Singapore --- coming in 3 weeks je lagi.

Sekarang feel miserable semula knowing that i have to go back to Miri. Soalan utk bila dapat pindah KL again... masih lagi keluar. Biasalah kan. And I really hope soalan tu dapat menjadi amin kepada doa utk kembali... :) I love going back to KL.

A little reminder, kena live in the present.

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